Westgate Celebrity Golf Classic Terms & Conditions

Reservations based on availability. May not be combined with any other promotion. Proper ID required at check-in. Must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years old to check-in. Schedule is subject to change. Offer rates are subject to change without notice.

Offer should not be considered free travel. Offer expires April 27, 2020. Offer is valid only for Westgate developer-sold timeshare interest owners. Offer is not valid for non-developer sold timeshare interest owners. Travel must be completed during April 23, 2020 to April 27, 2020 at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Offer is only valid for new reservations.

HOTEL POLICIES: You must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years-old to check-in to resort. A valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport is required at check-in. Your major credit card will be pre-authorized for a security deposit of $50 per day up to a maximum of $200 for any incidentals. If you do not have a major credit card, some properties will accept a cash deposit. Special requests such as a rollaway or cribs are subject to availability and additional fees. Accommodations based upon availability and provided by Westgate Resorts. Extra person charges and fees for hotel amenities may apply. Package-handling fees will apply. Any cancellation of arrival will result in a forfeiture of all monies paid. No refunds will be made for No Shows and/or early check-outs.

TOUR POLICIES: Subject to qualifications. Offer is designed for married and cohabitating couples with a verifiable annual household income of $60,000 USD for U.S. Citizens/Residents, and $75,000 USD for Canadian and U.K. Citizens/Residents. Income excludes any and all monies derived from unemployment, alimony, child support, or disability. Minimum requirement may be higher and other qualifications may vary. Qualified participants are individuals between the ages of 28-70 who must attend a ninety (90)-minute discovery tour and sales presentation of Westgate Resorts, LTD (“Westgate”). If married, cohabitating or engaged, both individuals must attend the presentation together and present a valid major credit card; no pre-paid cards accepted. Guest(s) must have a valid credit card with an available line of credit to hold resort security deposit and taxes upon check-in. If married or cohabiting, both parties must provide proof of matching addresses by either a valid photo identification or another form of government issued identification. All qualified participants must speak English fluently. Current Westgate owners may qualify for certain promotions if the above criteria have been met, and they are in good standing. Failure to qualify and attend the sales presentation will result in a surcharge of the difference between the discounted package price and the full retail rate of $2000.00. Consumption or influence of alcohol is not permitted during the Preview Tour. You will be refused to tour without refund and subject to the retail rate of the event. Tour date, time and/or location may be changed at the Resort's sole and absolute discretion. A nightly resort fee plus tax will apply to packages that are determined to be non-qualified at Westgate's sole and absolute discretion.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The credit card used to purchase your package along with a matching Driver's License need to be presented to redeem any gifts offered. Once gifts are issued, they are non-refundable. Westgate Resorts reserves the right to substitute lodging and/or gifts and/or tickets with comparable items of equal or greater value. Subject to qualifications, this offer is available to citizens of the United States, and/or in countries where registered. Travel must be completed April 23, 2020 to April 27, 2020.

While participating in the Westgate Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament Event (April 23rd to April 27th, 2020) Guests of owners that meet all tour qualifications will tour. All are eligible to purchase tickets. Tickets to shows, concerts, and sporting events are non-refundable after purchase. Westgate Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament Event packages are non-refundable after purchase. Participants must travel with a valid ID and must adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

Offer rates do not include taxes and/or fees. Reservations are on a first-come, first served basis and are based on double occupancy availability. Any and all changes to reservation after expiration date of offer will result in a forfeiture of all monies paid. A no-show will result in 100% penalty. Westgate reserves the right to cancel any duplicate and/or conflicting reservation without notice to end user. End user is responsible for any and all taxes, fees, and/or other government and/or airport-imposed charges. Offer is subject to availability and inventory. End user is responsible for any and all outstanding charges and fees incurred before, during, or after their stay, including but not limited to gratuities, meals, and/or transportation costs. This offer is void where prohibited by law. Average retail value of Offer is $2,000. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. This offer cannot be transferred, exchanged for cash and/or monetary consideration. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, and/or certificate.

This offer shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, without regard to principles of conflicts of law. Venue for any action arising hereunder shall exclusively lie in Orange County, Florida. This Offer is void where prohibited by law. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. By accepting this Offer, the end user agrees that Westgate will not be held liable for any actual or potential losses, including without limitations, compensation or consequential damages, either in contract or in tort, by either person or property, arising out of this Offer or in connection therewith or by misrepresentation by a third party. Westgate is not to be held responsible for any act of God, acts of terrorism, and/or any other circumstances beyond its control. Westgate reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice. These terms and conditions are final and cannot be changed or altered by any statement, merchant, or representative of any unauthorized person(s). No other representations, oral or otherwise, are valid in conjunction with this Offer.

Offers are not directed to residents in any state and do not constitute an Offer in which a registration of the timeshare plan is required but in which registration requirements have not yet been met. This project is registered with the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. Registration does not constitute an endorsement of the merits or value of the project. Obtain and read the Public Offering Statement before signing anything. WGL NJREC: 96/4-821, 98/4-862. Massachusetts Residents: The Westgate Lakes Resort has been registered with the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen Registration #: F1149-01-01. Indiana Registration #: T.S. 99-1008. [DC1] Recovery Fund for Consumers Damaged By Seller of Travel [DC2] CST#: 2052822-50. Registration as a Seller of Travel does not constitute approval by the state of California. The complete Offering terms are in an Offering plan available from sponsor. Offer expires 12/31/2019 or as specified in the Offer. Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST32029. An offering statement has been filed with the Iowa Real Estate Commission and is available from the developer upon request. Any and all use of ATV’s, drones or hoverboards on any Westgate property is strictly prohibited.

Pet Policy: Westgate Las Vegas Resort will allow up to two (2) dogs per room/suite as “pets”, all other types of animals that are deemed as pets are not permitted on property. A mandatory, non-refundable cleaning fee of $175.00 will be charged upon check-in. Registered service animals are not subject to Westgate's pet policy and are not subject to any security deposit. A pet must not exceed 60lbs/27kg, or in the case of multiple pets, they must not exceed 60lbs/27kg combined. Height and length restrictions apply. Pets can be no longer than 36in/92cm and no taller than 36in/92cm. Certain dog breeds have a reputation for being more aggressive than others and for the safety of all guests these breeds are not allowed on property. Restricted dog breeds may include, but are not limited to: Pit Bull, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Doberman Pinscher, Chow Chow, Presa Canario, Great Dane, Sharpei (other dog breeds at discretion of Management). At check-in, guests are required to advise the Front Desk that they have a pet. If the guest does not advise the Front Desk, and a pet is found in the room, they will be charged $75.00, in addition to the $175.00 non-refundable cleaning fee. While the pet is in the room/suite, it is required to be supervised by the guest or crated at all times. At the time housekeeping services are provided, housekeeping will not service the room/suite if the pet is left unattended or uncrated. When the pet is out of the room/suite and on property, the pet is required to be on a leash and under the control of the handler. Guests are responsible for the behavior of their pet and for all personal injuries and/or property damage related to their pet. Westgate, its employees and its respective affiliates are indemnified and held harmless from any and all liability and/or damage suffered as a result of guest’s pets.

Weapons Policy: Resort premises are private property. The safety and security of our guests, visitors, vendors, and associates is of utmost importance to Westgate Resorts. This policy is designed for the protection of our guests, visitors, vendors, and associates, and pertains to the presence of weapons on premises owned and/or operated by Westgate Resorts. Any and all weapons, including but not limited to, firearms, knives, and/or explosives, concealed or not concealed, with or without a concealed weapon(s) permit, are not permitted by any person and/or for any reason except as expressly detailed here on any and all premises owned and/or operated by Westgate Resorts. What constitutes a weapon will be determined by Westgate Resorts in its sole and absolute discretion. Sworn, on-duty State and Federal law enforcement officers whose agency has jurisdiction at the applicable premises, and military personnel, may carry any weapon. Resort Associates may carry a weapon with express written permission or as part of their assigned duties. Any and all persons who possess a weapon on premises either as permitted or in violation of this Policy must follow all applicable Federal, State, and local laws with respect to that weapon. Persons found to be in violation of this Policy may be subject to applicable Trespass laws. This policy applies to any and all on Westgate Resorts' owned and operated properties. The company expects that these individuals will comply with all provisions of this policy. Where Federal and/or State law or rules differ, the company will abide by the applicable standard.

Maximum Occupancy: Due to safety and fire code regulations, there is a maximum occupancy limit set for every room at any of our Resort locations. This occupancy number limit is based on state and federal regulations regarding the size and space of each room. Every person, regardless of age, is considered as one (1) person and is counted toward the maximum occupancy limit of persons for that room and location.

No Smoking or Drugs Policy: All of our rooms are non-smoking, and any guests found to have been smoking in the room will be assessed a fee for additional cleaning. All of our Resorts are private property and deemed drug-free zones, and therefore do not allow the use or possession of illegal drugs and/or marijuana on property, regardless of state legalization laws on recreational or medical use. Persons found to be in violation of this Policy may be subject to applicable Trespass laws. This policy applies to any and all on Westgate Resorts' owned and operated properties. The company expects that these individuals will comply with all provisions of this policy. Where Federal and/or State law or rules differ, the company will abide by the applicable standard.

Use of the term “NFL Draft Weekend” does not imply affiliation or endorsement of the Westgate Celebrity Golf Classic, Central Florida Investments, Inc., or Westgate Resorts, LTD. This event is not authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with the NFL, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official NFL website can be found at http://www.nfl.com. The name “NFL” as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of the National Football League.