The 10 Best Babymoon Destinations to Visit Before the Big Day Arrives

Dec 29, 2020

The 10 Best Babymoon Destinations to Visit Before the Big Day Arrives
By Deborah Bell

The 10 Best Babymoon Destinations to Visit Before the Big Day Arrives

Looking for the best babymoon destinations for one last leisure trip before your little one arrives? Anyone with kids will impress upon you the importance of spending as much time as you can enjoying your partner’s undivided attention or spending valuable “me” moments before the big arrival day. That baby is on its way if you’re ready or not, so how about taking some time away for rejuvenating your spirit while your time still belongs to you? For some, this may mean relaxing and finding their inner Zen at one of the top Florida Babymoon resorts, while for others it may be your best opportunity to try some of the adventurous things to do in NYC at night before thinking through stroller logistics becomes the new norm. If you’re trying to figure out the best trip for your Babymoon, then scroll on down through these 10 fantastic location ideas first!

The Best Babymoon Destinations By Popularity

Babymoon Destinations - Orlando

1 | Orlando, Florida | This may be your last chance to enjoy the fun things to do in Orlando before your entire family vacay focus becomes child-centric. How about hitting up all the theme parks with your other half and spending a bit of time being big kids yourself? You get to pick all the rides and have a good laugh with each other viewing your action-shot photos after the rides. Then later, after the sun goes down, spend a little cheek-to-cheek time with each other by checking out the nightlife at CityWalk and dancing your way through the clubs. Or, if you’re tired of being on your feet all day, just lay back, pop your feet up, and lounge away at the IMAX 3D movie theater while watching something action packed and non-animated. After that, if you’re still in need of some aromatherapy massage and relaxation, there are plenty of available spas in the area for you to find one that offers exactly what your pregnant body needs. No matter which way you go, it's rightly been said that Orlando is possibly one of the best babymoon Florida destinations, bar none!


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Babymoon Destinations - Las Vegas

2 | Las Vegas, Nevada | If you haven’t put ‘Las Vegas’ on your bucket list yet, then it’s time to add it and go experience the excitement yourself. For someone experiencing random late-night pregnancy cravings, what better place to visit than the city that never sleeps? Find yourself a resort on the Vegas Strip so you will have easy access to everything, including a mid-day return to your room for mommy-to-be to take a much-needed siesta. Start your day with your favorite latte from the best coffee shops Las Vegas has to offer, luxuriate in a romantic evening reconnecting with your companion at any number of fine dining establishments and top it off with a spectacular headliner show that lets you relax those soles while still feeling glamorous. It’s easy enough to find a nice balance of thrill and chill time in this city that has everything.

Babymoon Destinations - NYC

3 | New York City, New York | Enjoy big city life for a few exciting days in NYC where there’s always something interesting to do! Start your trip off right by finding a comfy place away from the heavy traffic so those restful moments will be quiet and refreshing. Then put on your walking shoes because this city has some of the best shopping in the world! Take a walk up Fifth Avenue for the latest fashion and trends, or head over to Soho Mall for a more casual shopping experience. While searching for the cutest baby clothes and the post-baby weight new wardrobe, you’ll see plenty to eat in these areas with a vast variety of eateries to satisfy any of mommy’s cravings. If you’re interested in experiencing some of those unique NYC activities then try out your pregnancy brain in an escape room, take a haunted tour through the city, enjoy a tranquil stroll through Central Park, and afterward, just find a nice place to relax and unwind!

Babymoon Destinations - Gatlinburg

4 | Gatlinburg, Tennessee | Located in the Great Smoky Mountains, this area has equal parts of tourist attractions and beyond beautiful scenery – perfect for those that want a bit of a mix for their recoup time. For those wanting to do a bit of shopping, Gatlinburg's streets are full of stores ranging from t-shirt souvenirs to tasty treats designed for the out of town visitor. Hoping to find some original baby clothes and nursery decorations? Then definitely check out the local artisan shops for some amazingly awesome handmade items! And when mommy gets hungry, swing on over to the historic Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen for some scrumptious chocolates and caramel apples while watching the mesmerizing taffy pull create all flavors of freshly made taffy (make sure to ask for free samples too!).

Now, if you’re interested in spending your time with each other enjoying a more scenic and leisurely day, just pack your lunch and jump on 441 for a drive through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There are countless trailheads, waterfalls, picnic areas and eye-catching photo spots to check out all along the way. Try out any of those trails for a nice long hike or a short walk to a picture-perfect picnic spot!

Babymoon Destinations - Branson

5 | Branson, Missouri | Once that baby arrives, relaxing nature walks may be a bit harder to come by, especially for those who want to go with their spouse. Branson boasts an abundance of nature paths to take for breathing in that relaxing “me” time, where your sole focus is on enjoying the beauty around you. This is also a great place to capture that beautiful baby bump on film. Take advantage of the photo shoot ready locations around every corner and do full-on pregnancy shots, with or without a pro photographer with you. Or perhaps spend some long moments gathering your thoughts by grabbing a blanket and notebook for a little journey into the woods in search of an inspiring spot for laying down and capturing real-time pregnancy experiences or writing future letters to your baby.

Babymoon Destinations - Cocoa Beach

6 | Cocoa Beach, Florida | There’s not much stress that a few hours relaxing on the beach is unable to wash away. Grab your favorite beach towel and nab an umbrella covered lounge chair on the beach to veg-out for the day. When you’re ready to move around a bit, try some pregnancy yoga moves on the sand to really stretch out those strained baby carrying muscles and remove some of that lingering tension. It’s best to stay at a resort on the beach for ready access to the sand straight from your room and quick jaunts back to your cushy bed for naps throughout the day. When it’s time to eat, try out some restaurants on the Cocoa Beach Pier while enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean.

Babymoon Destinations - Myrtle Beach

7 | Myrtle Beach, Florida | Beaches have some of the most magical restorative powers on earth and Myrtle Beach is right there with the best of them. Find yourself a nice beachside hotel to ease the effort needed to carry half your room’s contents onto the seashore for the day. Once you’ve found just the right spot, unfold your beach chair and layout under your umbrella while listening to waves crash on the surf. If that baby belly starts rumbling for food, have no fear as there’s plenty of beachside dining all along the boardwalk and in close proximity to your napping place. When it’s time to get your feet wet while not actually going into the water, just pull your chair up to the edge of the water’s reach, bury your toes in the sand and luxuriate in the waves rolling in and out, tickling the tops of your feet. In the evenings, take a walk on the boardwalk for some lighthearted, fun-loving, romantic time with your person.

Babymoon Destinations - River Ranch

8 | River Ranch, Florida | What better way to prepare yourself emotionally and physically for baby-day than getting away to the peaceful countryside and unplugging from all the hustle and bustle of life’s stressors? Stay in a private cabin with its own porch at one of Florida's best Dude Ranches and toast marshmallows in an outdoor firepit. Spend the day outdoors going for walks – again great opportunities for finding that picture-perfect pregnancy photo shoot location! Make sure to try out some of the activities you won’t find anywhere else, such as testing out your skills at archery or taking a ride on an airboat. Being at a dude ranch, mommy-to be will also have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy watching an action-packed, hair-raising rodeo!

Babymoon Destinations - Park City

9 | Park City, Utah | In case you’re stressing out the nearing arrival of baby, Park City has plenty to distract and relax you. Find yourself an all exclusive resort to stay in during your visit with a beautiful view of the snow-covered mountains. As soon as those cravings come marching in, have your pick of any of the mouthwatering five-star restaurants available all over the Village. In between trying out all of the palate pleasing dining establishments, take a walk through the Village and do a bit of shopping. Then, afterward, kick your feet up for a deep tissue couple’s massage at a spa and enjoy some relaxing bonding time.

Babymoon Destinations - Mesa

10 | Mesa, Arizona | Beautiful Arizona has gorgeous awe-inspiring scenery wherever you go with some great resort options that are sure to satisfy your babymoon wish list. Show off your adorable pregnancy swimsuit and lounge away by the pool with a good book. Spend a bit of time on one of the expansive golf courses overlooking the mountains. Mesa also has a plethora of spas and massage parlors to choose from, so unwind with a soothing pregnancy massage and finish it off with a nice little mani-pedi. Since you’re this close, go ahead and rent a car for a drive over to the Grand Canyon. Shuttles run up and down the Canyon's edge so that you can do as little or as much walking as your feet will allow, while still having the opportunity to enjoy absolutely astonishing views. Just don’t forget to pack some food and water for the most amazing Instagram worthy picnic of your life!

Final Babymoon Tip

Now that you have all sorts of new ideas and tips for your upcoming babymoon, it’s time to close your eyes and point at one to figure out where you will actually be going (stress-free decision making!). However, if you want to actually make a conscious decision on your babymoon destination, you really can’t go wrong with any of the spots on this list. Think about what type of vacay activities would be the most beneficial for you and your snuggle buddy to reconnect with each other and what sounds the most rejuvenating for your soul. Once you have that list down, then it should be pretty simple to pick out just the right babymoon destination to prepare you for the big day!

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