10 Ways to Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day With Your Special Someone

Apr 25, 2022

10 Ways to Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day With Your Special Someone
By Westgate Resorts

10 Ways to Celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Our military servicemen and women are an incredible asset to our society, defending our way of life and freedom by committing themselves to keeping our country safe. To honor them for their sacrifice, we pay them respect with dedicated holidays like Memorial Day and Military Appreciation Month, which both fall in the month of May.

Then there are military spouses who live in the shadows and wait for our heroes to come back home. They hold down the family unit, so service members can have peace of mind, knowing that all is well at home. These spouses are also heroes dealing with military life and deserve to be celebrated. We recommend a pick from the romantic getaways in Florida or visiting some of the most romantic places in Orlando, whatever you choose, take some time to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

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What is Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

Military Spouse Appreciation Day always falls on the Friday in May before Mother’s Day. It was first recognized by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It honors, celebrates and recognizes the sacrifices and contributions of spouses of military members. The day often refers to the spouses of those members of the Armed Forces who are deployed or on active duty, typically away from their families. The day aims to show military spouses that they are not alone and that they are a part of a special community, ensuring that they have the resources and support system they need to help them cope with military life.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Ideas

1 | Connect With Family & Friends | One of the best ways to show appreciation to a military spouse is to gather family and friends together to shower him or her with love and quality time. Most military spouses are women and a significant portion work robust careers on a full-time basis. It’s never easy to jungle parenting, finances, household chores, schedules, and everything involved with keeping it all together.

Connecting doesn’t have to be an elaborate outing. Consider a trip to a local park, a family picnic or just having a family dinner together. How about surprising your military spouse with friends and family they haven’t seen in a long time? Sometimes military husbands and wives holding down the fort at home can feel isolated or alone, so avoid this by surrounding them with the people who love them.


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2 | Catch Some Quality Entertainment | Not everyone can afford the time and commitment it takes to set up a whole adventure for an entire day. Consider going to a concert, live theater production, sporting event or even the movies. There are probably loads of entertainment venues where you live. Just do some research, plan ahead and put some thought into picking a winner!

3 | Plan a Staycation | There’s also the option to spend Military Spouse Appreciation Day on a staycation. Go to the beach, visit a town nearby or stay in your hometown’s tourist district. Pack a couple of bags for a day or weekend trip. Plan some activities that you know your spouse will enjoy, whether that be a date night at a restaurant or trying out a new hobby for the two of you.

4 | Surprise Them With Jewelry | Aside from vacations and staycations, you can also opt to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day with a classic gift idea: Jewelry. For military wives, this may mean a bracelet, necklace, earrings or her favorite piece of jewelry to make her feel special. For military husbands, consider a nice new watch with his name or a special message engraved to make it more personal. Whatever you decide, you know the best gifts to make them smile.

5 | Shopping Spree | If jewelry is not in your wheelhouse, opt for a much more varied shopping spree instead. Retail therapy can go a long way in filling the void (wink, wink). Let her pick whatever she wants to make her feel special. When it comes to a set budget, your options include open communication about how much you can spend, choosing an affordable store with the price point that matches your budget or using a credit card with plans to pay over time. Splurging a little is also an option that will show your appreciation and gratitude.

6 | Plan a Romantic Dinner | What better way to enjoy the company of your spouse on Military Spouse Appreciation Day than by simply taking them out to dinner and showing them a good time? A candlelit dinner, decadent foods and sweet desserts are sometimes all that’s needed to give back to your spouse. There are plenty of romantic restaurants in Orlando to try.

7 | Give Them Flowers & Sweets | Even smaller gifts can be important when done right. If you’re the type of couple that enjoys smaller acts of love and generosity over grand gestures, then opt for the classic flowers and sweets. You don’t only have to give flowers and sweets on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, they’re nice gestures for every occasion. Take them to a botanical garden or buy them a bouquet, flowers are a universal symbol for a date night, showing your partner how much you care.

8 | Take a City Tour | If you’re running short on time and want to have as many varied experiences as possible with your special someone, you can always opt to take a city tour where you live. Do some research, look up bar crawls or walking tours that showcase where you live. There might be some military vacation spots near where you live.

9 | Visit a Fancy Bar | Skip dinner and go out for drinks. It’s OK to be on a liquid diet for one night. Look for speakeasys where you live or a new gastropub that you can get some bar snacks at. Consider taking a class on how to make certain cocktails or become a mixologist. Some drinks might help set the tone for the rest of the evening with your significant other.

10 | Spend a Night In | One of the last things you can do is stay at home and enjoy the day in the place you’re most comfortable. With a little red wine, some homecooked food and a good movie, you can transform a usual weeknight into one that can truly celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Commonly Asked Questions about Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Q: When is Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

A: Military Spouse Appreciation Day always falls on the Friday in May before Mother’s Day.

Q: Who created Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

A: It was first recognized by President Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Q: How do you celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day?

A: Military Spouse Appreciation Day can be celebrated with small acts of kindness toward those living a military lifestyle. It can be celebrated by spending time with that person or doing an activity to celebrate them. Figure out what they like, whether it be gift idea, hobby or passion in their life.

Q: How do you thank a military spouse?

A: “Thank you” comes in different shapes and sizes. Thank the person with a small gift. Show them you care by spending time with them or taking them out for a dinner or activity. Write them a card, buy them flowers or simply have a conversation with them and tell them how much you care about them and appreciate all that they do.

Q: How do you thank a military spouse for their service?

A: You can thank a military spouse for their service every day in small ways. Tell them so through small gestures, like taking time to reconnect with them when you have the chance or doing them a favor. Other things you can do include writing them a note, doing chores for them, donating money to a cause they support, participating in an activity of their choosing, buying them a gift you think they’d enjoy, etc. Whatever you do, it’s all about the thought behind it.

Final Thoughts on Celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Celebrating how your spouse has helped support you while you’re away on duty shouldn’t be too difficult. With a little planning, you should be on your way to a memorable day with your special someone. If you’re curious how else the military chooses to celebrate their enlisted, check out military fun facts on our Travel Blog.


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