10 Self-Care Tips for Women in the Military

Feb 23, 2022

By Sydney Kleckner

10 Self-Care Tips for Women in the Military

Life as a woman in today’s military is a constant grind with the added pressures of combat, deployments and long hours day after day. Whether you’re deployed or at home on military bases in Florida, it can get hard to find time for self-care when you’re serving your country. Sometimes, it seems like you need a break and the constant urge to Google staycation ideas gets overwhelming. And it's not always easy to find tips and ideas about the self-care and well-being of women in the military. From improving your mental health to finding tiny moments every day, self-care is essential for showing up not just for your country but also for yourself.

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Self-Care Tips for Women

You know the drill: you’re away from home for a long time, holiday block leave can't come soon enough and it’s hard to find time for yourself. While all women have different needs, every woman, soldier or civilian, can benefit from self-care methods. It’s no secret that the day-to-day demands of military life can be tough on women. It can be easy to feel like you’re just fighting for time so you can keep up with your next mission or training. If you’re looking for ways to improve your time out on the field, check out our 10 Self-Care Tips for Women in the Military!

1 | Start the Day Positive | For the brave women who are in the military, it’s easy to get caught up in a routine of daily tasks that never seem to end. Self-care is important for your mental and physical well-being and can help combat stress. One great way to fight the oncoming battles that come with being overseas and separated from family is to place sticky notes on your bedpost or other stationary to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. These reminders will help boost your morale and give you something positive to look forward to each morning. If you have access to a mobile phone or tablet, a daily reminder app is a great alternative.


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2 | Face the Day Fresh | A quality skincare routine doesn’t stop when you deploy. In fact, it’s even more important. You might be away from your normal routine for a few weeks or months, and that means your skin needs extra care. No matter what type of skin you have, or where you’re deployed, it can be hard to keep your skin healthy and comfortable on a daily basis. A good moisturizer is a life saver—whether it's for dry winter skin, dry summer hair, or soft lips no matter where you're deployed, finding a moisturizer is vital. And for the times when water is accessible, invest in a good cream cleanser that rinses away dirt and grime without using water. These pick-me-ups are an easy way to get you through those long days in the field.

3 | Make-Up Your Day | Whether you’re in the military or not, you’ve probably had a day where you felt tired, grumpy, and a bit out of it. It doesn't always have to be that way! With a few simple steps, you can feel your best—not just your “most presentable” best. To start with, wear make-up that is monochromatic (no bright colors) and uses primer to control oil. Next, use BB cream or CC cream with built-in SPF protection; these will help your skin look healthy without being shiny or greasy. Finally, use basic tools like Q-tips to outline your brows so your face looks more defined and awake. This is no way saying make-up is the solution to bad days or even war, but it may help you stand a little prouder and take on the day like the warrior you know you are.

4 | Find Your Om | There’s nothing quite like the stress of military life to make your body feel tired, heavy and unmotivated. Sometimes, a mental, physical or spiritual practice will allow you to take control of your life while keeping your head in the game. If your new to yoga or meditating, don't let what you see on TV fool you. It's not just for skinny people living in a mountaintop cave! And meditation doesn't have to be just a "Zen" thing either — it can help with stress, anxiety, and anger management. Plus, it'll make you feel more centered and grounded in yourself. The benefits of yoga and meditation are well-known, but a lot of women in the military don’t have time or the security to get it done. If there isn’t a physical space for you to sit or stretch, there are breathing exercises you can do anywhere that will provide the same stress-reducing qualities. If you lean towards prayers, speak your prayer to a rhythm or try humming it. There are several ways to meditate the mind and body, you just need to find what kind works for you and your space during your time in the military.

5 | Begin a New Chapter (Literally) | When a woman joins the military, there are several aspects that can be disconcerting. But for many, one of the most difficult aspects is feeling disconnected from their loved ones. Whether it’s stress, fatigue, or sensory overload that you need an escape from, reading is a great method for self-care that won’t take up too much of your time or distract from your mission. From stories set in futuristic worlds to drama-filled romantic paperbacks, slow down your day and find an adventure outside of the one you’re living. It may give you a fresh perspective or a much-needed moment of calm.

6 | Headphones On, Stress Off | We all know that the military lifestyle can sometimes be tough, but your spirit is worth fighting for. From time to time it's important to take some time for yourself and reconnect with your old self. Since music's power to soothe the soul is undeniable, try listening to uplifting music that will keep you motivated and connected. Or put together a playlist for yourself with songs that evoke your emotions, such as those that create a sense of peace or inspire passion. Whether you want to feel more connected with yourself, home or your surroundings, pop on your headphones and tune out reality for a little while. You’ve earned it.

7 | Share Your Favorite Recipes from Home | Are you craving Mom’s Spaghetti? While on deployment, you may be missing the sound of your family's laughter or sharing stories around the dinner table. The solution is simple: have a group dinner in your barrack. It’ll take your mind off of all that crazy-busy day-to-day life and also show you some support from your peers. It’s an easy way to get back in touch with how to cook your home favorites in your living quarters or get out and enjoy some company over a great meal.

8 | Write the Good & Bad | Sometimes the best self-care doesn’t require anything but a pen and paper. A daily journal is a great way to keep track of how you're feeling, which can help you pinpoint when you need to change your approach or take a break. You can to fill it with positive things that happened and include your aspirations for the day in your list. If you’ve had a bad day and need to work out your feelings, the fastest way to address an issue is to write about it. Keeping a daily journal has been proven to help reduce anxiety, improve mental health, and reduce stress. It also helps you become more aware of your thoughts and actions and can help you stay focused on positive self-care. Your journal is your personal companion, so take the time to write about the things that didn’t suck that day.

9 | Dance it Out | When you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to unwind, a simple thing like dancing can help ease your mind. Dancing is a form self-care that will help you get your groove back, both literally and metaphorically. One of the hardest parts about being a woman in the military is managing your time and stress. You work hard, defend our freedoms, and keep the US running. Release all that built-up energy with a quick dance in the mirror, your room, with a peer, or wherever the urge overwhelms you.

10 | End the Day Your Way | Life can be overwhelming for those who live it on the front lines. Women in the military may not have time for relaxation and pampering, but you deserve to feel good about yourself, even when you’re out on the field because constantly being on guard for combat can take a toll. It sounds easy, but sometimes checking in with yourself at the end of the day is the last thing on your list. It’s important to take the time to reflect on how your feel physically, emotionally and spiritually with questions like, “Is my body tense?” or “What are my goals for tomorrow?”

Last Self Care Tips for Mental Health

If you’re a woman in the military, you’re likely accustomed to long hours and high-pressure environments. Instead of putting your own needs on the back burner, take a step back and remember that self-care is important for your mental, emotional, and physical health. An important thing to remember is self-care is for you and you only. These 10 Self-Care Tips for Women in the Military will help you show up for yourself at your best every day no matter where you are. For more tips or travel inspiration when you’re on leave, be sure to check out the Westgate Resorts Blog!


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