The 12 Best Bars for Business Meetings in NYC

Jun 22, 2021

The 12 Best Bars for Business Meetings in NYC
By Erik Sandberg

The 12 Best Bars for Business Meetings in NYC

Searching for a meeting space in NYC Midtown to rendevous with your client or business partner? How about meeting at the perfect bar? You know, that place somewhere that says this relationship isn’t merely business, let’s kick back, relax, get to know one another, have a good time - and maybe check out the fun things to do in NYC later. Sure, if business is taken care of that’s just gravy but the real goal is to show that you’re real, you care, and you want to build a lasting relationship.

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Historically, business deals have been sealed over the finest ales at bars all over the world. George Washington even famously used Fraunces Tavern right here in New York City as the site for peace negotiations with the British at the end of the American Revolution. We can probably assume a few frothy drinks were had by all to help hammer out those terms & conditions.

Now let’s order a round and get down to business… here are the 12 Best Bars for Business Meetings in NYC.

1 | Tudor City Tavern | Located in the newly renovated Westgate New York Grand Central, Tudor City Tavern offers its namesake Midtown East neighborhood with an all new watering hole and not a moment too soon! Now, locals and foreign officials alike (thanks to the proximity to the UN building) can sit down, take a load off, sip their favorite beverage, and solve all the world's problems at the same time. The spacious lounge area will give you and your partners the ability to start taking care of business before Bachman Turner Overdrive even gets jealous.

Where: 304 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017 | Who: 212-986-8800


2 | The Campbell Bar | Now if you’re looking for a joint to impress, The Campbell will not disappoint. Located in Grand Central Terminal, this grand room has worn a few hats in its illustrious life. From the office/reception hall of John Campbell in the 20s, MTA Police office with a small jail (located where the actual bar resides today), to a historically faithful renovated bar, The Campbell is the perfect spot to meet with clients and partners to not only get unfinished business taken care of, but to also let loose and imbibe some well-deserved spirits, brought to you by their top notch mixologists. Keep with the historic vibe and order their classic John Campbell’s Martini.

Where: 15 Vanderbilt Ave, New York, NY 10017 | Who: 212-297-1781


3 | Ophelia Lounge NYC | Look! In the sky! It’s a bird?!? It’s a plane?!? No! It’s Ophelia Lounge standing atop Beekman Tower! Now, who’s thirsty??? Rooftop bars have seen a resurgence in the past few years, and Ophelia is quite possibly the crème de menthe of the scene. But as sweet and cool as the aforementioned liqueur is, Ophelia is 100% cooler, not to mention the coolest of all the cool kids have graced its top-level floors at one time or another, here’s looking at you Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, and Frank Sinatra. To keep it cool in the vintage “vivrant” surroundings, give their Purple Tuxedo a go and let your inner Prince run free.

Where: 3 Mitchell Pl 26th floor, New York, NY 10017 | Who: 212-980-4796


4 | Fraunces Tavern | Located in the Financial District, Fraunces is the Tavern you’ll need to seal even the most stubborn of deals. Here you can channel the negotiation strength of General George Washington since it is right here in this very place where the English awaited terms they had to accept. But just because the finalization of the American Revolution culminated on these hallowed grounds, doesn’t mean a good time can’t be had by all parties. I mean, I am sure even the Red Coats enjoyed several ales and an eel pie while signing off on defeat. Back to the present, for a more intimate meeting inside Fraunces, be sure to check out The Dingle Whiskey Bar, and negotiate over a few fingers of whiskey seated in oversized leather chairs while basking in the glow of their roaring fireplace … did someone say power move?

Where: 54 Pearl St, New York, NY 10004 | Who: 212-968-1776


5 | McSorley’s Old Ale House | With sawdust afoot and every inch covered in rich history, McSorley’s is the place to go when you know that your client fancies themselves an ale. They can’t be picky though at this historic institution, since your only options for the past 167 years at McSorley’s is either their house light ale or dark ale (FYI, orders come in fours, consider yourself warned). Truthfully, the two options are choice enough, since the likes of past guests Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, EE Cummings, and Harry Houdini, didn’t complain why should anyone else. There is so much history in the walls of what once was a men’s only pub, with their slogan once being “Good Ale, Raw Onions, and No Ladies” it wasn’t until 1986 that women were allowed in and a women’s restroom was installed (fellas, even beer breath and raw onions can’t keep the ladies away). Still to this day, not much has changed in terms of the décor adding to McSorley’s charm. Now with a much more inclusive motto, coined by the late owner Matty Maher, all they ask is “Be Good or Be Gone”.

Where: 15 E 7th St, New York, NY 10003 | Who: 212-473-9148


6 | White Horse Tavern – Financial District | Another financial district bar perfect for your next meeting is the White Horse Tavern. With three stories of tasty tavern tonnage available (you can even rent out an entire floor for a larger business meeting), the White Horse Tavern offers a variety of drinks, cocktails, beers, as well as a full menu standard bar kitchen that will satiate even the hungriest go-getter. Plus, with $4 16 oz PBR and Narragansett available all day long, it’s easy to keep your business meetings on budget at the White Horse Tavern.

Where: 25 Bridge St, New York, NY 10004 | Who: 212-668-9046


7 | Employees Only | It might seem like an oxymoron, but Employees Only is possibly the most famous modern-day speakeasy in all the Big Apple. Located in the heart of the West Village, Employees Only will impress upon you and your fellow colleagues the finest award-winning cocktails on the island, while paring them seamlessly with all-time favorite dishes such as their Bone Marrow Poppers… yes, please! With the dining area reserved for reservations only, fear not for Employees Only bar area is reserved for whimsical walk-ins, wary of planning, and allowing the evening to take on its own wonderful existence.

Where: 510 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014 | Who: 212-242-3021


8 | Bubo | Located on the ever moving 3rd Avenue of midtown’s Murray Hill, this unassuming, ground level cocktail bar/restaurant known only as Bubo, will take you on a journey through a modern take on Mediterranean classics. And, the cocktails by no means play second fiddle to their dishes. You and your colleagues will leave full and content whether you order alone, share tapas style dishes or opt for larger single serving plates. If your palate has a soft spot for mollusks, know that their raw oysters are divine. Plus, with $1.25 oysters available during their happy hour, what more could you ask for?

Where: 515 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016 | Who: 212-532-3300


9 | The Raines Law Room | With cocktail creations brought to you by the talented mixologist mind of Meaghan Dorman, you can rest assured that you and your partners will be well taken care of when you visit The Raines Law Room in the Chelsea neighborhood. This cool and moody bar vibes quintessential NYC speakeasy without that “mum's the word” aspect. Dress to impress when you set out for this joint and be prepared for some unforgettable drinks and conversation. If you need to step outside for a spell, be sure to check out their secret garden.

Where: 48 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011 | Who: N/A


10 | Bo Peep | Now if you’re looking for a bar with something a little more entertaining than just shaken drinks, this piano bar should serve your needs well. Located a brisk 4 minute NYC walk from the Empire State Building in Midtown, Bo Peep channels all the history and nostalgia that exudes from this once subterranean tailor’s fitting room and propels it into a lively ambiance of piano soundwaves. The talents that press upon the ebony and ivory rival only the cocktails you will be served. Now, business will probably take a back seat while at Bo Peep, but that’s ok you and your colleagues will be having too much of a good time to care. Just a friendly heads up reservations are encouraged since space is limited in this intimate yet spirited joint.

Where: 70 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018 | Who: 917-261-5495


11 | Ted’s Corner Tavern | At the corner of Third Avenue and 35th Street in the Murray Hill neighborhood is a gem of a spot, Ted’s Corner Tavern. Serving up delicious Mediterranean fare alongside some of the best beers around (they have 30 taps pouring everyday), you and your colleagues are in for a treat. Named after their founder Theodoulos, the walls are decorated with all the most notable Ted’s from around the globe. But even non Ted’s will enjoy what Ted’s is offering, especially their Pastitsio, it is to die for!

Where: 523 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016 | Who: 212-689-2676


12 | The Wayland | Set off to Alphabet City and step on into the neighborhood bar of all neighborhood bars, The Wayland. This airy, naturally lit, East Village bar is the perfect getaway from Manhattan's relentless pace. You and your fellow partners will love the unpretentious, artsy vibe mixed with cocktails so tasty, that you’ll wonder why isn’t this place stuck up? You might think, “if I made drinks this good, I definitely would think I was the cat’s meow”, but thankfully you don’t, the wonderful, kind mixologists at The Wayland do, and they're glad to have you as their guest.

Where: 700 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009 | Who: 212-777-7022


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One More Thing!

With so many great bars, taverns, pubs, lounges in New York City, - and even more things to do outside NYC, it's easy to see how making a decision on where to go can be a nightmare. But don’t worry, with this list in hand you’ll be on your way to having some of the best business meetings ever. Cheers!

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