The 8 Top Wedding Venues in Mesa, Arizona

Feb 24, 2021

The 8 Top Wedding Venues in Mesa, Arizona
By Deborah Bell

The 8 Top Wedding Venues in Mesa, Arizona

The ring has been given, tears were shed, phone calls were made, and boy was it memorable! Now it’s time to really get to work and start your search for the most epic wedding venue you could possibly imagine!! Where does one possibly get started on that vast journey you ask? Why, right here with our list of The 8 Top Wedding Venues in Mesa, AZ - or check out other incredible ideas in our Travel Blog!

1 | Red Mountain Ranch Country Club | For those that want a fairly stress-free planning experience, Red Mountain Ranch Country Club may be your big wedding daydream come true. This stunning venue comes with amazing views of the mountains and “I do” options ON the golf course. This place knows what it takes to put a big event together and have every covered your need for every possible service, including aerial wedding photography. Let someone else worry about all the itty-bitty details needed to put on that glamorous party while you focus on what really matters – your future spouse.

WHERE: 6425 East Teton Circle, Mesa, AZ 85215 | WHO: 480-981-6501


2 | Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings | Looking for a venue with an old English feel to it that’s captured so elegantly one cannot help but be drawn in for more? This place really knows how to set a scene for a great party that will finally make that relative who has been endlessly bragging about how great their “perfect” wedding was, zip it up real quick. No need to cut the invite list here either as this stunning locale can accommodate a large party of up to 350 guests. For those that don’t want to look at venue after venue you should check out this place because it will be one and done, leaving more time to figure out a swoon worthy hairstyle for the big day.

WHERE: 4000 E Palm St, Mesa, AZ 85215 | WHO: 855-463-3251


3 | Antique Wedding House | Perhaps your ideal wedding day doesn’t include every person you’ve ever met in your life and you’re unsure how to break it to the uninvited guests. Why not let the venue do it for you? Keep that list short at Antique Wedding House as this place caters to a more intimate gathering, which means there’s no need to make up excuses why you aren’t inviting that kleptomaniac cousin to your party. Spend that special day with your closest family and friends whose names you will still remember in 20 years when looking through your photo album. Another plus for this place is the personal attention given to every couple in an effort to make sure your experience at this historical landmark exceeds all expectations!

WHERE: 307 E 1st St, Mesa, AZ 85201 | WHO: 480-649-1934


4 | Tre Bella | Figuring out just the right theme and décor for your big “Today is all about me!” event can often be a tough decision affected by the location. Luckily, when going with Tre Bella, you really don’t need to know all those details beforehand as this place can fit in great with anything from an edgy sophisticated vibe to a vintage country chic-themed wedding. In fact, they actually host themed open houses throughout the year so interested couples can have the opportunity for live viewing of the decorative possibilities. And for those that are led to a party based solely on the presence of food (pretty sure that covers all of us), these open houses also provide tasting options to help you decide on your reception menu on the spot. Guess you don’t need to try and crash any weddings here in order to see for yourself if it will satisfy your wedding wish list!

WHERE: 119 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201 | WHO: 480-677-1387


5 | Garden Tuscana | Depending on what time of year you have decided to celebrate your grand union may determine whether this will be a nature accented outdoor affair, or a designer staged indoor celebration. Garden Tuscana easily accommodates either choice (or both!) with a delightfully designed garden area and gazebo or a dream-like indoor ballroom with its very own staircase (grand entrance anyone?!). There is no need to shorten that guest list either when planning a party at this place since they are used to large parties and able to handle up to 500 guests (more presents!). No need to shop till you drop in order to buy all your decorations either as they already have a large variety of decorations available with their wedding packages.

WHERE: 1940 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85203 | WHO: 480-833-0636


6 | The Wright House | This is the place that will have all your guests running green with envy wishing they had celebrated their nuptials here first. It’s soooo pretty here! Regardless of what theme you have decided to run with or which colors you’ve chosen to bring your wedding dreams to life, The Right House, er Wright, will fit with whatever you choose. Hopefully, you can host your gala both indoors and outdoors here because this place is picture-perfect wherever you look! Those looking for a stress-free planning experience should go ahead and put their deposit down on this venue and hand the rest over to them because they clearly know how to put on a celebration and truly provide everything you could possibly need in their detailed wedding packages!

WHERE: 636 W. University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201 | WHO: 480-833-0902


7 | Gather Estate | Making that special day truly special for you and your partner really does matter to the owners of Gather Estate. They genuinely care that you have a great experience here and will go out of their way to assist in making sure that happens. There is a classic elegance present here with a spacious indoor/outdoor flow to it and an attentive staff to ensure your event goes smoothly. This urban estate has a more down-to-earth feel to it that really encourages its guests to stay focused on what matters most – your future spouse!

WHERE: 2600 E. Southern Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204 | WHO: 480-600-3444


8 | Superstition Manor | Does it matter what the venue looks like if it means you get to say your wedding will be at a place with the word ‘Superstition’ in its name?! Regardless of the awesome name, Superstition Manor actually has a country feel to it with a spacious site and plenty of room to move around (cowboy boots not required, but totally acceptable here). Don’t you worry about whether or not those crystal centerpieces would fit in here either as ritzy glam accentuates nicely in their stately ballroom. This delightful ranch allows for endless picture-perfect photo spots with a mountain backdrop, gazebos, streams, cobblestone walls, and even its very own barn just waiting to set the scene for your big nuptials!

WHERE: 1220 N. Signal Butte Rd, Mesa, AZ 85207 | WHO: 480-286-7806


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It’s stressful enough trying to make sure you have enough time to allow your wedding dress to pick you (that’s how it’s done now, I swear!), arranging somewhere for all your out of town guests to stay, deciding which font to use on the invitations, and picking out the wedding party without ending any friendships, why don’t you just let someone else plan the rest of it for you?! Save yourself a lot of time by going with one of these all-inclusive wedding package venues above and then just focus on spending time with your partner and how amazing it is to say the word “Fiancé”.


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