How to Save for a Vacation on a Tight Budget

Jun 02, 2017

Change in a Money Jar for Saving | Westgate Resorts
By N. Huggins

Dreaming of taking a vacation but worried about the cost? Whether you're dreaming of a Branson vacation, the best vacation Myrtle Beach has to offer, or one of our stunning Gatlinburg vacation packages,... don’t give up! It’s not too late to take a trip before summer ends or start planning your future getaways. Follow these frugal strategies and turn your vacation fantasies into an attainable goal:

Make a budget: Every good plan begins with a clear target so your first step should be to determine how much your vacation will cost. Do you plan on visiting multiple destinations or taking one trip sparing no expense? Will you travel solo or with the family? Will you use your vacation week at Westgate Resorts or opt to use your owner discount of up to 30% off the best available rate discount? These are just a few factors that will ultimately determine your vacation costs.

Create a Vacation Fund: Like paying a bill, allot a specific dollar amount to your Vacation Fund from each paycheck or periodic source of income. Keep this separate from your savings and checking accounts so it will be less likely to be used for other expenses.

Sign up for e-mail alerts: Check your inbox each month for exclusive vacation offers from Westgate Resorts. If you are not receiving these offers, sign into your owner account at and adjust your communication preferences to be placed on our mailing list. Travel companies and airlines will also send vacation specials and promotions if you sign up. This is a convenient way to shop around and compare vacation sales.

Prioritize your Expenses: If your vacation dream will require a few sacrifices, assess the budget cuts that you can make in other areas of your life to make it possible. For instance, cooking more at home vs eating out or shopping less may be the answer to more savings you can allot to your vacation fund.

Creative Funding: Be creative as needed to generate extra funds. Start spring cleaning early and have a garage sale or sell unwanted items online. Ask family members to sponsor your vacation or utilize a hobby or skill to create extra funding.

Saving tips: Think of others ways to save. For instance withdraw money directly from your bank’s ATM to avoid service charges from other banks. Save spare change and coins in a jar or piggy bank and use coupons towards your purchases. These savings add up and will help build your fund.

Discipline: Keeping your goal in mind and limiting impulsive spending will get you closer to lying on the sand of Myrtle Beach or skiing the slopes of Park City. Spend wisely, save more and your vacation dreams will come true!

At Westgate Resorts, when you Check-In, there’s a LOT to Check-Out! Your vacation awaits. Start planning your next vacation today or talk with a vacation planner at 888-852-2959 or 407-355-2690.

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