The 10 Funniest Las Vegas Comedy Shows to Laugh Your Night Away

Oct 21, 2022

The 10 Funniest Las Vegas Comedy Shows
By Westgate Resorts

The 10 Best Comedy Shows Las Vegas Locals Laugh About

"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious."- Peter Ustinov

They say that laughter is the best medicine, so when was the last time you laughed so hard that you pitied your poor ribs as tears gushed from your eyes? If you’re wondering what to do in Vegas during the day, be sure to grab a ticket to one of the hottest Las Vegas comedy shows.

Infamously referred to as the "Sin City," Vegas is known for adult attractions, including casinos, showgirls, and high-end clubs. So naturally, there are numerous crazy things to do in Vegas on a night or weekend. But let's slow down on that side of Sin City for a moment and focus more on comedy.

Vegas isn't renowned as the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing. It's one of the best places to enjoy hilarious comedy shows featuring legendary comedians. So, make a point of attending one of those funny shows in Las Vegas to laugh your night out.

10 Top Comedy Shows in Las Vegas

If you’re searching for top-class entertainment, there's a wide selection of fun-filled outdoor and indoor activities Las Vegas locals recommend. Ideally, Sin City has a lot to offer, whether you're looking to have fun with friends or wind up the week with your family. When it comes to comedy shows, you'll be spoilt for choice because dozens of hotels and casinos host live comedy shows.

To make things easier for you, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 shows that Vegas locals and tourists laugh about. These include age-restricted and family-friendly shows, guaranteed to make your night worthwhile. So, yours is to grab a ticket, walk to your comedy show of choice and laugh your night or weekend away!

10 Funniest Las Vegas Comedy Shows

Carrot Top’s ShowOpen Now: Mondays; Wednesdays - Sunday 8pmAtrium Theater
Terry Fator’s ShowOpen Now: Mondays - Thursdays7:30pmLibrary Loft Theater
Jeff DunhamOpen Now: Select Dates7:30pmZappos Theater
Tape FaceOpen Now: Tuesdays - Sundays7:30pmHouse of Tape Theater
The Eddie Griffin ExperienceOpen Now: Mondays - Wednesdays8pm Sahara Theater
Jerry SeinfeldOpening: Multiple 2023 Dates8pm Colosseum Theater
Laugh Factory Comedy ClubOpen Now: Nightly8:30pm; 10:30pm Laugh Factory
Piff the Magic DragonOpen Now: Thursdays - Mondays7pmFlamingo Showroom
Brad Garrett’s Comedy ClubOpen Now: Daily8pmBrad Garrett’s Comedy Club
Comedy CellarOpen Now: Thursdays - Sundays7pmComedy Cellar

1 | Carrot Top's Show | An award-winning comedy show, Carrot Top's Las Vegas show will tickle your stomach in preparation for mind-blowing laughter. It features Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson, one of Las Vegas' best entertainers.

He might appear kooky to a new audience, but Carrot Top isn't your regular stand-up comedian. Instead, Carrot Top will make you pee on your pants with laughter in his signature redhead, trunk, and wacky props. And your eyes won't run dry, as tears will flow freely down your cheeks!

The locals love Carrot Top, thronging the Atrium Theater to catch up with his latest jokes.

One thing's for sure; Carrot Top is like a Vegas Landmark. This legendary comedian has a way of stealing his audience's attention from the start and maintaining it with over-the-top commentary.

Carrot Top's show is a blend of trendy observational humor, prop comedy and a serving of adult material. So don't be surprised by his R-rated antics and jaw-breaking punchline, this show is not for little ones.

Carrot Top will throw in some vulgar language, especially when describing his dislike for some aspects of the PC world. And he'll take a sip of "his medicine" after ensuring that his audience has had a dose of gut-ripping laughter.

Nope, Carrot Top isn't your typical family-friendly comedy show. This Las Vegas show is age-restricted, only allowing patrons over 16 years. An adult must accompany any audience member under 18.

Catch the 8 p.m. shows scheduled on Monday and Wednesday through Sunday.

WHERE: 3900 Las Vegas Blvd S Luxor, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Located on Floor 1. Luxor hotel & casino | WHO: 702-262-4400



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2 | Terry Fator's Show | Looking for a family-friendly comedy show that will have your folks laughing all night long? Then, make a reservation to watch Terry Fator's performance and enjoy a night of unusual yet quality entertainment.

Hosted at the New York-New York hotel and casino, Terry Fator's is among the best comedy shows on the Las Vegas Strip. It offers a generous serving of jokes that will make your gut burst with laughter. Likewise, you'll be in awe as Fator. The ventriloquist makes impromptu conversations with his puppets without opening his mouth.

Did I mention that this talented comedian is also a singer and celebrity impressionist?

Fator and his puppets always excite the audience by impersonating legendary musicians and popular bands in Las Vegas. So, they'll unexpectedly break into a popular song during their commentary filling the room with laughter.

And boy, Fator's voice matches the superstars', including Garth Brooks, Etta James, and Cher!

In addition, the legendary comedian allows his puppets to own the show, and the crowd can't have enough of them. For instance, Winton (The Impersonating Turtle), one of the crowd's most beloved puppets, doesn't shy from bragging about his achievements.

So, it's not a wonder that Terry Fator bagged victory on the sought-after television show, 'America's Got Talent.'

Terry Fator's 90-minute show, The Voice of Entertainment, runs from Monday through Thursday from 7:30 pm. Hence, grab an early ticket, as this is one of Vegas's most coveted comedy shows.

WHERE: 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Located on Floor 1. New York-New York hotel & casino | WHO: 702-740-6818


3 | Jeff Dunham | Enjoy an exciting weekend in Vegas by being an audience to Jeff Dunham, one of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas. Jeff Dunham's shows will bring you to your knees with laughter, featuring a dynamic comedian and ventriloquist. The record-breaking comedian recently bagged a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But Jeff Dunham's journey to the global limelight has been long. He discovered his puppeteering expertise at 8 when he broke out a puppet. Since then, Jeff has used puppets to share his thoughts on different aspects of life, including love, politics, and sports.

His over 30 years of comedy experience includes non-stop global tours and state-of-the-art performances in various arenas. Having perfected his art, Jeff Dunham secured a space on Comedy Central and was once named Comedian of the Year. Therefore, he now rubs shoulders with some of the biggest names in Vegas, including comedians and musicians.

You don't want to miss out on Dunham's hilarious jokes as he converses with his famed sidekicks. His stuffed friends include Walter the Grumpy Retiree, Little Jeff, the Spicy Pepper, and Achmed, the Dead Terrorist.

This family-friendly show involves controversial and unexpectedly relatable conversations that have the audience bursting with excitement. Plus, Jeff maintains a funny and lively performance with his multiple personalities throughout his act.

Jeff Dunham's show – 'Seriously!' goes down at the Zappos Theater, Planet Hollywood, from 7:30 pm. So, check out the dates for the next performance and grab your ticket here.

Also, note that this show has an age restriction of 6 years.

WHERE: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 | WHO: 702-785-5882


4 | Tape Face | Sam "Tape Face" Willis has become a household name in Las Vegas' comedy. Originally from New Zealand, Sam Willis hit the global scenes in 2016 when he became a finalist in America's Got Talent.

After that, he toured the world as Tape Face and performed his new show in New Zealand. In addition, he won a three-year performance contract at Harrah's Las Vegas.

Tape Face is the perfect lighthearted family show, entailing simple magic and hand tricks, choreographed music, and impromptu dances. Despite not uttering a word on stage, Sam Willis speaks mountains. And he bonds with his audience with his quirky acts and illusions.

His wide-eyed stare and taped mouth keep you on your toes about what the weird-looking guy is up to.

Tape Face is also a pro in involving his audience. His assistant, Phyllis, helps invite guests from the audience to the stage and prepare Sam's props. His well-orchestrated miming movements also have the crowd bursting with excitement.

Tape Face's show is one of the cheapest comedy shows in Vegas. So, book a slot and prepare for a night (or week) full of laughter without breaking the bank. In addition, tape Face's childhood-like fantasies and how he brings to life characters from Mill's favorite will sweep you off your feet.

The 90-minute show appears every Tuesday through Sunday at the House of Tape Theater in Harrah's Las Vegas from 7:30 pm. Get your ticket here!

WHERE: 3475 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Located on Floor1. Harrah's Las Vegas | WHO: 702-777-2782


5 | The Eddie Griffin Experience | How about a comedy show that makes you feel uncomfortable but in a funny way? The Eddie Griffin Experience is one comedy show that Vegas locals can't stop talking about. But, of course, you'll have to agree that it is one of a kind, as it features a comic veteran and film star.

You've probably spotted Eddie Griffin on the big screen. He's starred in over 50 movies, including "Undercover Brother," "Scary Movie 3," "Deuce Bigalow," and "John Q." Therefore, Eddie isn't new to the limelight and doesn't shy from criticizing, 'preaching,' or making fun of things.

Griffin has the crowd rolling with laughter as he shares his thoughts on politics and interracial marriages.

Some people may take his jokes as uncanny or whacko, but Griffin will in no way mince his words. While he might wander a bit from his thoughts after a few sips of his drink, he always comes back with a punch, ensuring that his audience goes wild with exhilaration.

The Eddie Griffin Experience appears at the Sahara Theater, Monday through Wednesday, from 8:00 pm. So, be ready for a generous dose of old-fashioned comedy for the laughs to roll in. But it is no place for kids or guests below 21 years. Book your spot here.

WHERE: 2535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 | WHO: 702-761-7000


6 | Jerry Seinfeld | Another big name in the Las Vegas comedy industry, Jerry Seinfeld is an all-around comedian. With three decades of experience, the sitcom legend and stand-up comedian delivers stellar performances at his multi-show residency.

Jerry Seinfeld's comedy show is one of the local's most sought-after performances, with tickets selling out fast. This funny man has his audience jumping off their seats from his off-the-cut jokes during the 90-minute comedy show. Jerry blends a rare New York attitude with awkward jokes from his Jewish background.

So, he won't resist making fun of his upbringing and career trajectory at the Big Apple. The iconic comedian will have your gut burning with laughter, shattering your bad mood or stress into thousands of pieces.

This funny commentary perfectly resonates with the crowd, especially when he throws in some lines from Elaine, George, or Kramer.

Therefore, you can't afford to miss your spot at the Colosseum in Caesar's Palace, where Seinfeld hosts his show. In addition, you can bring your kids and friends with you, as this comedy show has no age restrictions. Get your tickets now for a night of fun with your family!

WHERE: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 | WHO: 1-866-227-5938


7 | Laugh Factory Comedy Club | The name has it! Laugh Factory is your go-to place for a night of perfect laughter and smiles. The comedy club acknowledges that people in the audience have different senses of humor. Hence, it features a selection of stand-up comedians for every show.

The Laugh Factory incorporates upcoming comedians with comic legends, ensuring an infusion of new and established talent. It's acclaimed as one of the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas, having hosted some renowned comedians.

These comedians include Jim Carrey, Nick Cannon, Louie Anderson, Milton Berle, and Dave Chappelle. As you book your ticket to the next Laugh Factory show, prepare for a rib-cracking performance.

The comedy club currently features a fascinating lineup of comedians, including Adam Devine, Andi Osho, Bill Dawes, and Daniel Tosh. And you'll have a chance to enjoy thrilling acts by top-notch comic stars like Tim Allen and Ray Romano.

WHERE: 3801 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Located in Tropicana Las Vegas - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel | WHO: 702-739-2411


8 | Piff the Magic Dragon | Another ranking comedy show, Piff the Magic Dragon, is the place to be on a night out in Vegas. The show features Piff "John van der Putt," the Magic Dragon. And he's accompanied on the Flamingo Showroom stage by "Mr. Piffles" (a chihuahua), and Jane Simone, a dazzling Vegas showgirl.

Unlike other high-energy performances, Piff is a grumpy magical dragon with subtle British humor. He delivers his jokes imperatively while throwing in some "loser" punch lines. You see, Piff the Dragon got second place in the 10th series of America's Got Talent.

But that was just a starter, as the Dragon and 'The World's Only Magic Performing Chihuahua' won several awards later. For instance, he bagged the "Best Magician and Comedian and the "Best Headliner" awards in Las Vegas.

Therefore, booking a slot in Piff's comedy show guarantees jaw-dropping magic and rib-cracking laughter. Plus, the show isn't age-restricted, so you can treat your family to a night of laugh-filled fun.

This comedy show appears every Thursday through Monday and is packed with new magic tricks and comedic hits.

WHERE: 3555 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109 Located in Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino | WHO: 702-777-2782


9 | Brad Garrett's Comedy Club | You can't exhaust entertainment spots when touring the Las Vegas Strip. So, while at it, visit Brad Garrett's Comedy Club, and you won't regret it. Located in the District at MGM Grand, this comedy club offers a versatile selection of old-school vibes.

Brad Garrett's Comedy Club's owner is a famous stand-up comedian and American actor, Brad Garrett. His signature deep voice has won him roles in several too-ranking television shows – like "Everybody Loves Raymond" and films.

Although Brad is the name behind the comedy club, the iconic comedian rarely graces the stage.

However, he offers a platform for established and upcoming comedians to do their thing, offering a cocktail of laughter.

Also, the ticket prices usually shoot up when Brad Garrett makes a special appearance on the show.

You'll experience a night of exhilarating fun during Brad Garrett's show as several stand-up comedians make you laugh out loud. Some familiar names gracing the MGM Grand's stage include John Knight, Mike Pace, Debi Guiterrez, Alex Ortiz, and John Dicrosta.

The show runs daily from 8:00 pm but is restricted to guests over 21 years.

WHERE: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Located on Floor 1. MGM Grand | WHO: 866-740-7711


10 | Comedy Cellar | Previously a famous comedy hub in New York City, Comedy Cellar has also found a home in Las Vegas. The comedy club is located at Rio Hotel and Casino and features five headliners per show.

Therefore, it is the ideal place to catch electrifying acts from iconic comedians as you wrap up your evening. You'll laugh until your belly hurts and your eyes tear up as you watch quality acts from superstar stand-up comedians.

It's not a wonder that the Comedy Cellar hosts some of the best comedy shows in Las Vegas. Big names in comedy, including Chris Rock, Ray Romano, John Stewart, and Amy Schumer, have been on Comedy Cellar.

The club offers a weekly lineup of fresh talent to ensure that the audience gets value for ticket money. Moreover, Comedy Cellar rotates the MCs and incorporates audience participation.

Hence, it allows the crowd to have the night of their life.

Try your luck if you want to polish your jokes and hone your comedic skills. So, book your spot today, and you'll enjoy gut-wrenching laughter every Thursday through Sunday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

WHERE: 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103. Located on Floor 1. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino | WHO: 212-254-3480


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Final Thoughts on Comedy Acts in Las Vegas

There are other incredible and fun-filled comedy shows in Las Vegas outside this list. Therefore, you wouldn't want to limit yourself (or your family) to the ten comedy shows mentioned in this article. Moreover, you can sample other indoor and outdoor activities in Las Vegas, and your trip will be worthwhile. Here are more exciting ideas on what to do in Las Vegas this weekend.

In addition, consider Westgate for world-class accommodation and legendary entertainment. It is located just one block from the famous Las Vegas Strip. It also has a monorail stop onsite to easily access other entertainment joints on The Strip. Visit the Westgate Resorts Travel Blog for more travel tips and check out the incredible comedians that have performed at the International Theater/Las Vegas Hilton throughout the years!

Past Kings and Queens of Comedy at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Myron CohenThe Kate Smith Evening Hour; On Location: Myron Cohen Revisited; When Nature Calls
Jack CarterOpen Now: History of the World I; Alligator; Amazing Stories
Foster BrooksThe Dean Martin Show; The Tonight Show Featuring Johnny Carson; The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast
Jonathan WintersCrank(y) Calls; The Little Prince
Frank GorshinThe Ed Sullivan Show; Tonight Starring Steve Allen; Batman
David BrennerWorth Winning; Theory of a Deadman: Not Meant to Be; Modern Family
Red SkeltonThe Red Skelton Show
Redd FoxxSanford and Son; The Redd Foxx Show; The Royal Family
Charlie BillYoung Warriors
Burns & SchreiberThe Burns & Schreiber Comedy Hour
Jud StrunkRowan & Martin’s Laugh-In; The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; Daisy a Day
Red ButtonsThey Shoot Horses, Don’t They?; Harlow, Pete’s Dragon
Russ LewisThe Ed Sullivan Show; The Steve Allen Show
George KirbyTrouble In Mind; Dolly; Faerie Tale Theatre
McLean StevensonM*A*S*H
Hank GarciaCompany; Fun with Dick and Jane; Echoes of Enlightenment
Kay BallardThe Perry Como Show; Cinderella; The Patty Duke Show
Morty GuntyBroadway Danny Rose; That Girl; The Comedy Spot
Demond WilsonSanford and Son; The New Odd Couple
Fred TravalenaThe Buddy Holly Story; The Manyy faces of Fred Travalena; Black Scorpion
Charle CallasHistory of the World: Part I; Switch; Pete’s Dragon; Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Jerry Van DykeCoach; McLintock!; Yes, Dear; You Wish
Guy MarksThe Ed Sullivan Show; The Merv Griffin Show; The Dean Martin Show; The Mike Douglas Show; The Joey Bishop Show
David SteinbergCurb Your Enthusiasm; The Wrong Guy; Seinfeld
Johnny YuneThey Call Me Bruce?; They Still Call Me Bruce
Joan RiversThe Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson; The Late Show with Joan Rivers; The Joan Rivers Show; Fashion police
Henny YoungmanGoodfellas; History of the World: Part I;Amazon Women on the Moon
Stewie StoneThe Comedian; Stand Up; The Comedy Shop
Scott RecordCelebrity Deathmatch; Headin’ for Broadway; Mark’s Place
Joe PiscopoSaturday Night Live; Johnny Dangerously; Wise Guys
Arsenio HallThe Arsenio Hall Show; Martial Law; Coming to America; Harlem Nights
Norm CrosbyAlright Already; Grown Ups 2
JJ WalkerGood Times; Airplane!; The Last Poets
Pat HenryThe Detective; Lady in Cement
Sammy ShoreThe Comedy Store; Fake Out; Thunder Alley
Phyllis DillerA Bug’s Life; The Pruitts of Southampton; Eight on the Lamb
Milton BerleIt’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World;The Muppet Movie; The Milton Berle Show
Lonnie ShorrLove, American Style; The Dean Martin Comed World; Music Hall America
Rip TaylorDuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp; Wayne’s World 2; Indecent Proposal
Jimmy WallisVentriloquism
Rodney DangerfieldBack to School; Caddyshack; Rover Dangerfield; Easy Money
Eddie MurphyComing to America; The Nutty Professor; Saturday Night Live; Shrek


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