The Top 10 Plumbing Services in Las Vegas

Dec 11, 2016

The Top 10 Plumbers in Las Vegas

The 10 Best Plumbing Services in Las Vegas

Known as one of the biggest culinary destinations in the world, Las Vegas has restaurants and hotels that need frequent and tedious upkeep to continue offering world-class services to guests. At times, finding the right company to take care of a property’s plumbing can be a complicated task. After all, the competent team of plumbers don’t just need to be certified experts in their trade, they also need to be aware of different plumbing laws and policies that businesses need to comply with.

Las Vegas Plumbers That Make The Grade

That being said, Las Vegas boasts a number of plumbing companies that offer prompt and dependable service. Many plumbers in Las Vegas are aware that plumbing systems regularly need to be taken care of, with many providing emergency services. Here are the 10 best local plumbing services according to recent experiences:

1 | Water Heater Plumber | Emergency Plumber Las Vegas (dba) specializes in the installation, replacement, and repair of water heaters for commercial establishments. Additionally, they oversee the installation and repair processes of multiple water heaters for builders and property managers. No water heater problem is too big or too small for this company to solve. Best of all, their services are available 24 hours a day.

WHERE: 7632 Westcliff Dr, Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 472-9036

2 | Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC | Innovative Plumbing Pros LLC provides a wide range of reasonable priced plumbing services for homeowners and business owners. The company has more than four locations across Nevada, and their team of experienced plumbers is available 24/7 to work at a convenient time for residential and commercial clients. Additionally, they offer service plans for routine care of your property’s plumbing system. Whether you need leak detection services, drain cleaning, toilet repair, sewer replacement, and more, Innovative Plumbers is the company to call!

WHERE: 5597 Nickel Creek Trl, Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 805-3448

3 | Vegas Plumbing Service | Established in 1959, Vegas Plumbing Service has been one of the most trusted names in plumbing in Southern Nevada for more than 6 decades. They specialize in water heaters, water softening, and residential water filtration for homeowners and business owners. For more than 60 years, Vegas Plumbing Service has been seeing to it that their clients’ plumbing systems are in tip-top shape and that people have access to safe water.

WHERE: 8365 Eastgate Road, Henderson, NV | WHO: (702) 329-9879

4 | Larkin Plumbing | Larkin Plumbing provides full-service plumbing and drain cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in the Las Vegas area. The company specializes in the installation and repair of garbage disposal, kitchen fixtures, sinks, toilets, and more. In addition to their plumbing services, Larkin Plumbing also provides a wide range of plumbing parts for people who prefer to do their own repairs. They are ready to serve homeowners and business owners 6 days a week with 24/7 emergency services. Just give them a call!

WHERE: 1801 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 745-8478 & (702) 605-2136

5 | Dignity Plumbing | Dignity Plumbing has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to plumbing services. Their family-run team of plumbers is equipped to handle any kind of plumbing job with professionalism and efficiency. Aside from the usual maintenance work on your plumbing fixtures, Dignity Plumbing also offers water quality testing, gas line upkeep, and more for residential and commercial clients.

WHERE: 595 E. Brooks Ave. Suite 305 North Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 840-8910

6 | Precision Plumbing | For prompt and dependable plumbing services, look no further than Precision Plumbing! The company takes pride in being one of the few plumbing service providers that offer free estimates, upfront pricing, and perfect punctuality. Their plumbers are experts in all kinds of plumbing services and also provide specialized services like trenchless pipe replacements, hydro jetting, and more. Additionally, if the team arrives late to your home or office, you get a discount!

WHERE: 2470 N Decatur | Unit 170, Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 253-6363

7 | Roto-Rooter | When it comes to plumbing services and drain solutions, you can count on Roto-Rooter. A part of the industry since 1935, Roto-Rooter has become known for their comprehensive and dependable services that are always completed on time. Additionally, they provide effective sewer and drain cleaning products to homeowners and business owners.

WHERE: Service Area is Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 931-3831

8 | Lange Plumbing | Founded in 2000, Lange Plumbing has been providing a wide range of plumbing services. From handling tankless water heaters to sewer cleaning, you can rely on their team to get the job done. Lange Plumbing also provides plumbing-related fire protection services like installing dry and wet pipe systems, fire sprinklers, antifreeze systems, and more! Contact Lange Plumbing for preventative and holistic plumbing services.

WHERE: 4690 Judson Ave., Ste A, Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 500-0936

9 | The Sunny Plumber | Keep your home’s plumbing system functional and clean with help from The Sunny Plumber’s dependable team of experts. With more than 80 years of experience, The Sunny Plumber team will make sure that your home always has hot water, clean tap water, and a working sewer and drain system. They specialize in residential plumbing, water heaters, drain and sewer services, and water treatment.

WHERE: 6521 West Post Rd, Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 602-0016

10 | MC Plumbing | For swift plumbing services that you can count on, look no further than MC Plumbing. They offer a wide range of plumbing services and are most known for their leak detection, drain cleaning, and water heater repair and installation services. MC Plumbing also specializes in same-day emergency services, where your appointment is frequently made within 1 hour of your call. Free estimates are available upon your request.

WHERE: 205 E. Brooks Avenue, Suite A, North Las Vegas, NV | WHO: (702) 341-5719

Last Thoughts Before Hiring A Vegas Plumber

If left unattended, plumbing problems can quickly affect your daily life or business operations. Solve your plumbing issues—and support local companies that offer quality work—by getting punctual and reliable plumbing services from any of the businesses above. Don't "gamble" with your property or event! Get a qualified Las Vegas plumber today!

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