12 Park City Distilleries To De-Stress Your Day!

Oct 02, 2019

12 Park City Distilleries To De-Stress Your Day! | A Park City Distillery Guide
By Rich Weidman
  • High West Distillery & Saloon

  • Alpine Distilling

  • Waterpocket Distillery

  • Outlaw Distillery

  • Beehive Distilling

  • Dented Brick Distillery

  • Sugar House Distillery

  • Hammer Spring Distillers

  • Distillery 36

  • Holystone Distilling

  • Ogden’s Own Distillery

  • New World Distillery

12 Park City Distilleries to De-Stress Your Day!

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain

Although Utah has been known in the past for some rather arcane drinking laws, it may come as a surprise to many that Mormon settlers in the mid-1800s made their own brand of whisky known as “Valley Tan,” which was “made of (imported) fire and brimstone,” according to America’s best humorist Mark Twain. Also, in 1933 the Beehive State actually became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the repeal of the 18th Amendment, thereby ending Prohibition (America’s “Noble Experiment”) once and for all.

In addition, the craft distillery trend (approximately 2,000 distilleries are located throughout the United States today) has taken off here in a big way with a growing stable of many nationally and internationally recognized brands being distilled at award-winning craft distilleries throughout Utah. It all started with the opening of High West Distillery in Park City 13 years ago and has rapidly branched out throughout the Beehive State. Many of these Utah distilleries in the Park City area offer free tours and tastings (some by appointment only), as well as sometimes being the best restaurants Park City has to offer, with terrific onsite retail stores included. Here are 12 Park City distilleries to de-stress your day:

1 | High West Distillery & Saloon | “Truly Unique Distillery in the Mountains.” When High West Distillery first opened its doors within a historic saloon and livery stable in 2006, the Park City distillery became the first legal whiskey distillery in Utah since 1870. Starting out with a 250-gallon still, High West has since evolved into an award-winning, internationally recognized brand. For example, the distillery was named 2016 “Distiller of the Year” by Whisky Advocate magazine. In addition, High West was listed at No. 5 on Esquire magazine’s 2019 list of the “Best Whiskey Distilleries in America.” The High West Saloon on Park Avenue itself claims to be the “world’s first ski-in gastro pub.” Free scheduled tours and whiskey tastings are available (for ages 21 years and older only) of both the historic Saloon and the new state-of-the-art High West Distillery that opened at 27649 Old Lincoln Highway in Wanship in 2015. Since tours fill up quickly, make sure to reserve a spot online well in advance. In addition, The High West Saloon is the perfect locale to relax and unwind after a fun-filled day skiing down the Park City slopes.

High West Distillery Spirits: American Prairie Bourbon, Double Rye!, Rendezvous Rye, Campfire Whiskey, Bourye, Yippee Ki-Yay, A Midwinter Night’s Dream, Silver Whiskey Western Oat, High West 7000, The 36th Vote Barrel Aged Manhattan, Valley Tan Whiskey, 14 Year Light Whiskey

WHERE: 703 Park Avenue, Park City, Utah 84060 | WHO: (435) 649-8300


2 | Alpine Distilling | “Park City’s Premier Locally Owned and Operated Craft Distillery.” A premium craft distillery, Alpine Distilling opened in 2016 and specializes in the production of flavored cordials. Alpine is located in Park City’s Silver Creek neighborhood just off I-80 and features a tasting room downstairs. For more information about Alpine’s “Gin Experience” tastings and tours, visit the distillery’s official website. In addition, Alpine recently partnered with 350 Main Brasserie to pair its spirits with new menu items at the eatery. By the way, a portion of all proceeds from Alpine Distilling goes toward local nonprofits Park City Community Foundation and Swaner Nature Preserve.

Alpine Distilling Spirits: Preserve Liqueur, Lafayette Spiced Bourbon, Persistent Vodka, Traveler’s Rest Whiskey, Summit Gin, StoneFruit Primrose Bourbon Whiskey

WHERE: 7132 N. Silver Creek Road, Park City, Utah 84098 | WHO: (435) 200-9537


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3 | Waterpocket Distillery | “Open Your Heart, Embrace the Wild.” Named after the majestic Waterpocket Fold geological feature at Capitol Reef National Park in south-central Utah, Waterpocket Distillery is a relative newcomer to the ever-burgeoning Utah distillery scene. Opened in 2017, Waterpocket specializes in producing craft distilled spirits, including rum and liqueurs. The retail store at Waterpocket Distillery is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 PM to 6 PM.

Waterpocket Distillery Spirits: Robbers Roost Barrel Strength Whiskey, Toadstool Notom Amaro, Long Lost Oread, Snow Angel Kummel, Cocoa & Rum Liqueur, Coffee & Rum Liqueur, Blanco Rum

WHERE: 2084 W. 2200 South, West Valley City, Utah 84119 | WHO: (385) 202-5725


4 | Outlaw Distillery | “The Finest Quality Hand-Crafted Spirits.” Based in Midvale, Utah, and nestled in an industrial office park, Outlaw Distillery pays tribute to Utah’s Wild West heritage (legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had various hideouts in Utah) with the production of handcrafted whiskey, fine rums and moonshine. Tours and tastings of the Outlaw Distillery are available by appointment Tuesday through Saturday between 10 AM and 7 PM (see official website for more information).

Outlaw Distillery Spirits: Outlaw Distillery Rum, White Whiskey, Outlaw Moonshine, Spiced Rum, Bourbon Whiskey, Coffee Rum

WHERE: 552 W. 8360 South, Midvale, Utah 84070 | WHO: (801) 706-1428


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5 | Beehive Distilling | “Utah’s Small Batch Gin Distillery.” Ideally located in South Salt Lake City and within 10 minutes of the Salt Lake City International Airport, Beehive Distilling holds the distinction of being the first gin distillery in Utah since 1870. Beehive’s signature product, Jack Rabbit Gin, features a “complex blending of botanicals that never forgets that Juniper is king.” Scheduled tours ($5 per person) and tastings are available at Beehive Distilling, which also produces premium vodka.

Beehive Distilling Spirits: Jack Rabbit Gin, Barrel Reserve Gin, Organic Vodka

WHERE: 2245 S.W. Temple, South Salt Lake, Utah 84114 | WHO: (801) 326-3913


6 | Dented Brick Distillery | “Raw Materials. Artesian Water. Pure Quality.” Known for its fine vodka, gin and rum products, Dented Brick Distillery is located on the former property (complete with its own artesian water well) of one of Utah’s first distillers, an 18th-century settler named Hugh Moon. So, what’s with the quirky name of this Utah distillery? According to the official website, “Legend (and newspapers) has it that during a gunfight on the front porch the flying bullets that didn’t hit (and kill) the owner did indeed ‘dent the bricks’ of his house.” Distillery tours ($5 per person) and tastings ($5 per person) can be scheduled in advance online.

Dented Brick Distillery Spirits: Antelope Island Rum, Antelope Island Red, Roofraiser Vodka, Great Basin Bristlecone Gin, Hugh Moon Whiskey, Jan Stephenson Mango Flavored Rum, Jan Stephenson Pineapple Flavored Rum, Jan Stephenson Passion Fruit Flavored Rum, Jan Stephenson Silver Rum, Premium Craft Well Vodka, Premium Craft Well Gin, Premium Craft Well Rum

WHERE: 3100 S. Washington Street, South Salt Lake, Utah 84115 | WHO: (801) 883-9837


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7 | Sugar House Distillery | “Handcrafted, Small Batch Spirits.” An award-winning, small-batch distillery opened in 2013 in the historic Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Sugar House Distillery produces handcrafted vodka, malted barley whisky and rum. According to SLUG magazine, “Sugar House Distillery has been steadily making an impact on Utah liquor, focusing on the quality of their product, honing their craft and being of the few truly ‘grain to glass’ distilleries in the area.” Tours and tastings of Sugar House Distillery are available ($10 per person), as well as a walk-in sampling ($5 per person).

Sugar House Distillery Spirits: Sugar House Distillery Rye Whiskey, Sugar House Distillery Vodka, Boilermaker Bourbon Whiskey Series, Gold Rum, Malt Whisky, Bourbon Whisky, Silver Rum, New Make Whiskey

WHERE: 2212 S.W. Temple #14, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 | WHO: (801) 726-0403


8 | Hammer Spring Distillers | “Distilling the Finest Quality Spirits and Liqueurs.” Founded in 2016, Hammer Spring Distillers is an eclectic Utah distiller that produces gin, coffee liqueur (made from locally roasted beans) and the only potato vodka distilled in the Beehive State, as well as whiskey pancake syrup. A percentage of all sales for Hammer Spring’s HIDDEN Vodka goes to benefit organizations combating human trafficking. Tours and tastings of Hammer Spring are available by walk-in or appointment (check online for up-to-date hours).

Hammer Spring Distillers Spirits: Hammer Spring Gin, Hammer Spring Potato Vodka, HIDDEN Vodka, Perky Cowgirl Coffee Liqueur

WHERE: 3697 W. 1987 S. Building 5, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 | WHO: (801) 599-4704


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9 | Distillery 36 | “Innovators of the Highest Standard.” Located in West Valley City, a suburb of Salt Lake City, Distillery 36 (AKA “D36”) specializes in producing handcrafted spirits featuring Brigham Rum. The distillery is dedicated “to perfection, hard work and handcrafted recipes.” By the way, the name Distillery 36 refers to Utah being the critical 36th state to ratify the repeal of the 18th Amendment, which ended Prohibition in 1933. Tours of the Distillery 36 facility are available (schedule in advance online).

Distillery 36 Spirits: Brigham Rum, Spiced Brigham Rum

WHERE: 2374 S. Redwood Road, West Valley City, Utah 84119 | WHO: (801) 983-7303


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10 | Holystone Distilling | “Luxury Distilled.” A nautical-themed Utah distillery, Holystone Distilling specializes in innovative spirits and was named for the sandstone traditionally used by the U.S. Navy to scrub the wooden deck of ships. According to the official website, “Holystone is devoted to creating an enthralling experience, from looking at our bottles, drinking our spirits, to visiting our distillery.” By the way, one of the co-owners of Holystone, Ethan “Chainlink” Miller, also founded the Distiller’s Guild of Utah. Holystone is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30 AM to 7 PM for tastings and retail sales.

Holystone Distilling Spirits: Perla Vodka, Bosun’s Navy Strength Gin

WHERE: 207 4860 South, Murray, Utah 84107 | WHO: (503) 328-4356


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11 | Ogden’s Own Distillery | “Utah’s Handcrafted Distillery.” Founded in 2009, Ogden’s Own Distillery became the city’s first licensed distillery since the 1800s and produces gin, liqueur, vodka and rye whiskey. The award-winning distillery’s first product, Underground Herbal Spirit, won a “Double Gold” award at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a “Best Liqueur” award at the 2012 Spirits of the Americas. Ogden’s Own Distillery offers tastings Tuesday through Friday from 12 PM to 5 PM and Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Ogden’s Own Distillery Spirits: Five Wives Vodka, Underground Herbal Spirit, Porter’s Fire, Madam Pattirini Gin

WHERE: 3075 Grant Avenue, Ogden, Utah 84401 | WHO: (801) 458-1995


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12 | New World Distillery | “Bringing the Spirits of the Past Alive in Your Glass.” Conveniently located near both Snowbasin and Powder Mountain ski resorts in the charming Utah resort town of Eden, Utah, New World Distillery first opened its doors in 2016 and specializes in the distilling of vodka, gin and agave spirits. New World offers tastings and sales Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM and scheduled tours on Friday and Saturday (book in advance online).

New World Distillery Spirits: Oomaw Gin, Barrel-Rested Gin, Rabbit and Grass Agave Spirits, Ogden Valley Vodka, Wasatch Blossom Utah Tart Cheery Liqueur

WHERE: 4795 E. 2600 North, Eden, Utah 84310 | WHO: (385) 244-0144


Oh, You Need A Park City Distillery Map? Okay, Here Ya Go!

If you dove into this list of distilleries but you're more into the WHERE than slogging through the finer points of prohibition and places, then you'll want to skip to this handy distillery map, so you can get going with your evening, or afternoon (hey, we're not judging) on the town. Here's a map of all the Park City distilleries you could possible crawl your way through in a hipsetting, high ball extravaganza:

Beyond the Distilleries – More of Park City, Utah

Take advantage of the discounts for hotels in Park City Utah. When you’ve quenched your thirst at Park City’s distilleries, make your buzz last longer with the amazingly fun Park City coffee shop scene, and then set out clambering through the piercing beauty of Park City hiking trails, or enjoy mountain biking trails in Park City Utah, the famous Sundance Film Festival, Utah Olympic Park, scenic drives, shopping, state parks, places to eat in Park City Utah, and so much more. And don't forget that some of these distilleries also double as the best places to eat in Park City Utah, making them a double treat for your palette, and double-threat to your pocketbook! Bon Appetite!

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