6 Ways Tesla’s Las Vegas Convention Center Loop Will Change Meetings Forever!

Aug 05, 2021

6 Ways Tesla’s Las Vegas Convention Center Loop Will Change Meetings Forever!
By Erik Sandberg

6 Ways Tesla’s Las Vegas Convention Center Loop Will Change Meetings Forever!

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas for a convention, odds are the convention you attended was hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center. What you probably remember most, apart from all the cool vendor swag and epic things to do in Las Vegas, was the amount of walking you had to do get around the expansive convention center grounds. Sore feet, strained ankles, tuckered-out toes, these are all the things that you will be able to say goodbye to during your next Las Vegas Convention Center visit thanks to the all-new LVCC Loop!

Las Vegas Convention Loop Breakdown

The Las Vegas Convention Center Loop will save you roughly 45 minutes of walking between the West Hall to the South Halls. Located underneath the convention center and stretching 1.7 miles, with three stations, the South, the West, and the Central available, when using the underground LVCC Loop, that same 45 minute walk is slashed to an unfathomable 2 minute trip! With all that time saved you’ll be able to check out more of those world-famous Las Vegas bars, but before you do that, let’s dig a little deeper to see how the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop will change meetings forever!

1 | IT’S FREE | Yep, reason number 1… it’s free!!! In this day and age that’s reason enough to give something new and exciting a try. We all know that while visiting Las Vegas for a convention, there is nothing quite like saving not only time, but money when you’re traveling about Sin City’s massive convention center. So be sure to take that extra travel expense savings and treat yourself to a tastier meal while you’re here in Las Vegas, like a dry-aged prime ribeye at Edge Steakhouse and let them know the LVCC Loop sent you.

2 | IT’S FAST | Save time as well as wear & tear on your loafers or red-soled Louboutins when you quickly travel from one end of the convention center to the other, all the while riding in emissions free Tesla style. What would normally take you roughly 45 minutes to walk from one end of the convention center to the other, you will now do in 2 minutes. Take that time saved and use it to discuss all that you’ve learned at the convention with your colleagues before breaking out to your next convention session.

3 | IT’S THE FUTURE | A lot of the time while you’re at conventions, you’re learning about the next big thing, the latest & greatest, the future… But wouldn’t it be nice to actually experience the future? While visiting Las Vegas, you can by taking a ride on the LVCC Loop, designed and created by Elon Musk’s Boring Company. I know what you’re thinking, Boring Company? Sounds like a snooze... but it’s the other kind of “boring,” the exciting type of boring that moles and other underground critters do to create their own amazing subterranean habitats. The future isn’t “boring” the future is lighting fast, exhilarating, underground tunnel travel and you get to be the first to experience it here in Las Vegas.

4 | IT’S COOL | Let’s not kid ourselves it can get hot outside during the day here in Las Vegas, especially if you’re rushing from one location to the next during a convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A 45-minute walk in the summer desert sun from one end of the LVCC to the other can leave your makeup all melty and you covered in sweat… not a good look while doing your convention rounds. Fear not though, with the LVCC Loop, you no longer have to worry, instead, you can travel in air conditioned Tesla comfort without breaking a sweat.

5| IT’S GREEN | Minimize your carbon footprint and help lower emissions while visiting Las Vegas during your next convention by utilizing the LVCC Loop. It’s never been easier to help do your part to protect mother nature for generations to come. Plus, since riding the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop is free, not only will you be saving the planet, but you’ll also be saving money, which you can in turn use at one of the many delicious restaurants here in Sin City.

6| IT’S FUN | There is no better place in the U.S than Las Vegas to get the opportunity to attend a convention. However, with so many amazing things to do and see here you have to be an exceptional manager of time, thankfully there is an extremely fun way to do that now… you guessed it, by riding the LVCC Loop of course! So, the next time you’re here not only will you be having fun doing all that you’re going to do in Sin City, but you’re going to have an absolute blast saving the time to be able to enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer by riding the Las Vegas Convention Loop.

Can’t Miss “Boring”

Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas for your next annual convention or just in town to soak up Sin City for the first time, thanks to the Boring Company, you will not want to miss the opportunity to catch a handful of free rides through the subterranean Las Vegas Convention Center Loop.


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