10 Top Places To Get All You Can Eat Sushi In Las Vegas

Oct 12, 2022

10 Top Places To Get All You Can Eat Sushi In Las Vegas
By Westgate Resorts

10 Spots That Serve the Best Sushi Las Vegas Locals Love

When it comes to fantastic food and drink, it’s hard to beat the Vegas experience. One of the best parts of the Vegas food scene is that it’s always evolving. Case and point: all you can eat sushi Las Vegas has to offer has become a must dining experience.

You still need to visit one of the best steakhouses in Vegas. And, of course, try an array of craft beers at the best breweries in Las Vegas. Just make sure you leave room for the best sushi Las Vegas has, too.

Where to Find Sushi on the Las Vegas Strip

As you might suspect, there are plenty of incredible sushi Las Vegas Strip restaurants. Whenever you’re looking for top sushi buffet Las Vegas dining, the strip is a good bet to cash in on. There are also fabulous options to discover after checking out these all you can eat sushi spots, including the best free attractions Las Vegas that all locals brag about.

Roll with this guide on where to find sushi on the Las Vegas Strip and nearby. It’ll help you decide the best sushi Las Vegas experience that you want to make a part of your trip.

1 | Oyshi Sushi | Fantastic happy hour experience.

Oyshi Sushi is one of the longest existing all you can eat sushi Las Vegas restaurants. It also has a huge menu and a fantastic happy hour where you can get 20-percent off the usual sushi buffet price.

This Vegas AYCE (all you can eat) gem features interesting chalkboard specials every week. As is customary in Vegas, you can expect great drink specials as well.

WHERE: 7293 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117 | WHO: 702-485-5010



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2 | Yama Sushi | Best on the strip.

Located in the heart of the Vegas Strip, Yama Sushi is an easy stop for lunch or dinner during your Vegas activities. It’s become such a popular sushi buffet Las Vegas restaurant that it has two other locations in the city.

Most importantly, Yama Sushi lives up to the true spirit of an all you can eat sushi Las Vegas experience. Its extensive menu offers hand rolls, cut rolls, special rolls, nigiri, and much more. Better start making room now.

WHERE: 1350 E Flamingo Rd #18, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | WHO: 702-696-0072


3 | Sushi Hero | Relaxed spot that’s perfect for lunch.

If you’re looking for a midday break from Vegas’ glitz and glam, Sushi Hero is here to the rescue. It has some of the freshest sushi Las Vegas has to offer. The dining room is comfortable and relaxed, a nice contrast from the bright lights of The Strip.

As you’d expect (and want), Sushi Hero has a ton of special rolls on the menu. With some very creative options, you’re sure to try something new.

WHERE: 3870 E Flamingo Rd A1, Las Vegas, NV 89121 | WHO: 702-476-1333


4 | Sakana Sushi | Especially good value sushi rolls.

Those who love sushi rolls should roll up to Sakana Sushi. It’s one of the best sushi Las Vegas restaurants because the food is delicious, plentiful, and a great value. Sakana Sushi also has a large, photo-worthy cherry blossom ornament hanging in the middle of the dining room.

Overall, the experience is exactly what you want out of an AYCE sushi restaurant.

WHERE: 3949 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | WHO: 702-733-0066


5 | Ono Sushi | For all you can drink, too.

Ono Sushi doesn’t look like a bar, but it certainly serves like one. For less than $10.00, diners can add all you can drink to their all you can eat sushi Las Vegas experience. It doesn’t get any more Vegas than that.

The drinks are a bonus to the wide selection of sushi and other unique menu items. Enjoy pork belly tacos, truffle fries, and more along with your sushi meal.

WHERE: 4161 S Eastern Ave Suite A1, Las Vegas, NV 89119 | WHO: 725-605-2988


6 | Sushi Neko | Late night sushi buffet.

It’s Las Vegas, so you may find yourself dining late. Sushi Neko is the place to head to for excellent sushi Las Vegas eats. Even late at night, everything’s fresh and plentiful.

Not that it matters for all you can eat, but Sushi Neko is known for great portion sizes. At least you know you won’t have to keep reordering frequently, which helps in the wee hours of the night.

WHERE: 5115 W Spring Mountain Rd # 117, Las Vegas, NV 89146 | WHO: 702-247-4241


7 | Sapporo Revolving Sushi | A fun revolving self-serve dining experience.

If you’ve never had the experience of going to a revolving sushi restaurant, try Sapporo. At this high-quality sushi Las Vegas Strip restaurant, plates of sushi come to you on a conveyor belt. Since it’s all you can eat, you just grab what you want when it comes by your table.

Needless to say, this is a very cool Vegas-like experience. Don’t worry though, you’re not sacrificing quality for fun. The food here is very fresh and tasty.

WHERE: 4671 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 | WHO: 702-915-7500


8 | Sushi Koma | Really fresh sashimi.

Some people prefer rolls and some prefer sashimi. Sushi Koma is a fantastic option for both, but the sashimi is really fresh here (especially for a desert city). It definitely makes its mark as one of the best sushi Las Vegas spots for sashimi lovers.

To add to the appeal, Sushi Koma has a laid-back but trendy vibe to it. Overall, it’s a really enjoyable dining experience for all you can eat sushi Las Vegas.

WHERE: 8665 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147 | WHO: 702-453-8897


9 | Sushi Way | Friendly staff and even friendlier prices.

If you find your way to Sushi Way during your Vegas trip, you’ll be very happy. The staff at this no-frills sushi Las Vegas restaurant is all super welcoming and friendly. Of course, it’s easy to be friendly back when you’re enjoying a huge selection of chef rolls and special rolls.

Sushi Way is also known for running impromptu specials on its AYCE prices, like 50-percent off for lunch. It’s already a very good value, but when you come to Vegas you expect to win something.

WHERE: 3900 Paradise Rd b, Las Vegas, NV 89169 | WHO: 702-902-2244


10 | 888 Japanese BBQ | Barbecue and sushi rolled into one.

888 Japanese BBQ is a newer institution on the all you can eat sushi Las Vegas scene. That being so, it’s quickly gaining popularity for the fact that you can eat both barbecue and sushi to your heart’s delight. Or, until it says enough.

The chic restaurant has the trendy appeal of today’s Vegas. It also has the culinary experience that people look for out of a trip to Vegas. Definitely a win-win experience.

WHERE: 3550 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103 | WHO: 702-476-5033


BONUS | Rikki Tiki Sushi | If you're a sushi lover, you won't want to miss the all-you-can-eat sushi at Rikki Tiki Sushi at Westgate Las Vegas. This sushi restaurant offers an impressive selection of fresh and delicious sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. The all-you-can-eat option allows you to try as many of their mouthwatering creations as you'd like, making it an excellent value for sushi enthusiasts. The restaurant's stylish and modern decor, combined with attentive and friendly service, creates a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience. Whether you're in the mood for classic rolls or more adventurous sushi creations, Rikki Tiki Sushi is the perfect place to satisfy your craving for all-you-can-eat sushi in Las Vegas.

WHERE: 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 | WHO: 702-732-5111


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Vegas have all you can eat sushi?

A: Yes! In Las Vegas, AYCE sushi is fresh, made-to-order, and fittingly decadent. Diners can expect to pay a set price and order from a menu that might include everything from maki and sashimi to edamame and chicken karaage.

Q: What does AYCE Sushi mean?

A: Enter the all-you-can-eat (AYCE) sushi restaurant. Instead of paying per sushi, you plop down a flat fee—most price points hover around $20-25 a person—and you get “unlimited” sushi from simple unagi to ostentatious rolls stuffed with a dozen ingredients.

Q: How much does it cost to eat at the top of the stratosphere?

A: Guests who dine at the Top of the World are required to purchase at least one entree per person with a minimum value of $45. Most entree prices range from $45-$75, with some select entrees costing more.

Q: How do you survive AYCE sushi?

A: The key to AYCE sushi is not ordering too much at a time. Pace yourself and clear your plates before trying to order more. If you plan on having an appetizer, forgo the fried options and rice dishes. Choose something lighter, like a side salad or a bowl of warm miso soup.

Q: What is sushi without rice called?

A: Nigiri is a type of sushi made of thin slices of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice. Sashimi is thinly sliced raw meat—usually fish, such as salmon or tuna—that is served without rice.

Q: Do Vegas buffets make money?

A: As of 2013, Vegas buffet prices hovered around an average of $20 to $25, a huge jump from the $1.99 buffets popular just years before. The shift in trends has been pretty complete, and with fewer people gambling — and gamblers spending less — buffets have become one of the major ways casinos now make their money.

Q: What to wear to all you can eat buffet?

A: When browsing the platters at the buffet table, you'll want to avoid stiff and tight clothing because they'll make reaching out for that extra piece of Spicy Tuna Roll taxing. The solution: A loose and comfortable dress that will ensure your limbs can move freely and quickly

Last Tips on Top Places To Get All You Can Eat Sushi In Las Vegas

You really can’t go wrong when you choose any of the top places to get all you can eat sushi in Las Vegas. You’ve probably heard of the best coffee shops Las Vegas Strip has and already have your favorite wine bar Las Vegas offers. Now, you can try all the all you can eat sushi buffet Las Vegas restaurants on this list. They all serve high-quality fish and plenty of it. No matter what your trip looks like, sushi lovers need to make sure to stop at one of these best sushi Las Vegas joints.

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