10 Places to Find the Best Pancakes NYC Foodies Boast About

May 23, 2023

10 Places to Find the Best Pancakes NYC Foodies Boast About
By Westgate Resorts

10 Places to Find the Best Pancakes NYC Foodies Boast About

It’s not hard to find a great place to eat in New York. The only challenge is picking which of the amazing restaurants you want to dine at! There’s no doubt about whether you can get the best pizza in NYC or find the best rooftop restaurants in NYC. But what about the best pancakes?

This guide is your ultimate list of the top 10 places to get the best pancakes in New York City. We’ll traverse across Manhattan, wander into Bed Stuy in Brooklyn, and tour the Big Apple as we take you on a journey to find the most mouthwatering pancake stacks in the city.

Let’s dig in!

Where to Find the Best Pancakes in NYC

It doesn’t matter what type of pancake lover you are—NYC has a dish for you. From long-stacks and short-stacks to flapjacks and whip-cream-topped dessert pancakes, there are plenty of options on the menu.

Whether you prefer a cozy East Side diner or want to wander through the West Village on your quest for the best breakfast food in NYC, you’re bound to be delighted with this list as your trusty travel companion.

1 | Clinton St. Baking Company | New York Magazine dubbed Clinton St. Baking Company home to the “best pancakes in town,” so they’re an absolute must-try. The restaurant offers a wide menu of items ranging from freshly made baked goods to chicken sandwiches and burgers and fries.

Their All-American menu is made complete by none other than golden, fluffy pancakes. Try yours doused in chocolate chips, juicy Maine blueberries, or banana and walnut, all doused in the restaurant’s warm maple butter and syrup.

If you’re in the mood for something savory, their crispy potato pancakes are a great choice. They’re fried up on a hot griddle, then served with delicious, caramelized apple sauce and sour cream. A classic NYC Jewish food!

WHERE: 4 Clinton St, NY 10002 | WHO: 646-602-6263



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2 | Breakfast by Salt’s Cure | West Coast meets West Village at Breakfast by Salt’s Cure; this California-inspired restaurant serves a wholesome, upscale menu that’s loved by locals. The food may be fancier than what you get at a typical diner, but the atmosphere is warm, welcoming, and laid-back.

Try their Oatmeal Griddle Cake, the original Salt’s Cure dish that started it all. Their rendition of a classic pancake is available in five flavors: original oat, blueberry, apple, banana nut, and chocolate chip.

Their griddle cakes are all served with unique butters, too, like salted white or cinnamon molasses. What’s more, you can order any dish vegan for free, or pay $2 extra for a gluten-free griddle cake.

No need to worry about reservations, either. The restaurant operates a casual, walk-in-only environment.

WHERE: 27 1/2 Morton Street, New York, NY 10014 | WHO: N/A


3 | Bubby’s | Bubby’s sour cream pancakes are so famous in New York that you can even buy your own mix to take home! The restaurant first opened its doors in Thanksgiving, 1990, and it has since become a quintessential part of Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood.

The daytime menu is served from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and features nine unique pancakes to choose from. If you fancy fluffy flapjacks, try the James Beard. For those that like their cakes thin and chewy, opt for the 1890 Sourdough.

For an extra-special treat, the Pancake Flight features three James Beard flapjacks topped with caramelized banana and toasted walnuts, blueberries, Nutella, mixed berries, and whipped cream for good measure.

WHERE: 120 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013 | WHO: 212-219-0666


4 | Vinegar Hill House | Nestled along the quiet Brooklyn waterfront lies Vinegar Hill, a quaint neighborhood with cobbled streets and century-old buildings. There, you’ll find the Vinegar Hill House, a “New American” restaurant that offers elegant, homestead-inspired meals.

Their cast-iron sourdough pancakes are well worth the trip out of Manhattan. The recipe was shared by the New York Times, and Brooklyn Magazine raved about the restaurant’s sourdough, which comes from the original starter the owner’s used when they opened back in 2009.

If you like savory and sweet all in one, then the blueberry sourdough pancakes with maple butter are destined to become your new favorite.

WHERE: 72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201 | WHO: 718-552-1018


5 | Electric Lemon | Saunter over the Electric Lemon on top of the Equinox Hotel for a sophisticated breakfast experience. The 5-star hotel in Midtown's West Side is known for its locally grown ingredients, artisanal menu, and upscale atmosphere.

Their seasonal menu offers some of the best produce of the season, which gives you a perfect reason to visit during different times of the year. One thing you can always count on, however, are their flaxseed pancakes.

Topped with fresh fruit, whipped butter, and New York maple syrup, the pancakes are a delectable way to start any adventure in Manhattan.

WHERE: 35 Hudson Yards 24th Floor, New York, NY 10001 | WHO: 212-812-9202


6 | Lafayette | Down in NoHo, you can visit Lafayette for a French-infused breakfast experience. The Lemon Ricotta Pancakes created by Chef Andrew Carmellini are a delicious spin on the American recipe.

The fragrant citrus pairs beautifully with the light, creamy ricotta, and the airy pancakes are topped with fresh berries for a lovely finishing touch.

Along with your pancakes, you may enjoy sampling one of the restaurant’s juis frais, or fresh fruit juices. The French Rose is a delicate mixture of carrot, beet, and naval orange that’s subtly sweet and pairs well with the pancakes.

WHERE: 380 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003 | WHO: 212-533-3000


7 | Golden Diner | The Golden Diner is a classic American eatery that has a lot of international influence from the amazing cultural diversity of NYC. You’ll find everything from Korean to Mexican on the menu, as well as their all-popular honey pancakes.

With an all-day breakfast menu, you can swing by anytime to try these fluffy pancakes with honey maple butter. For an extra $4.5, you can top your two cakes with a berry compote.

The relaxed, retro atmosphere will make you feel like you’re in a quintessential New York film; from the original brick wall to the stained-glass pendant lamps, you’ll feel right at home in the ultra-cozy diner.

Just make sure you plan for a wait if you stop by during brunch or during the lunch rush; the restaurant is small and fills up fast!

WHERE: 123 Madison St, New York, NY 10002 | WHO: 917-472-7800


8 | Chez Ma Tante | American and Canadian cuisine meld at the Brooklyn-based Chez Ma Tante, which means “at my aunt’s” in French. The menu draws heavy influence from Europe, where you will find their crispy pancakes that are so good, they’ve been featured in the New York Times.

Inspired by a recipe written by American food historian Clementine Paddleford, chef Jake Leiber created his pancakes using a cast-iron skillet, butter, extra egg yolk, and maple syrup. The pancakes are grilled up in pools of fat, which lends them a savory taste that also makes their edges super crunchy.

WHERE: 90 Caylar St, Brooklyn, NY 11222 | WHO: 718-389-3606


9 | Three Decker Diner | At the Three Decker Diner, Tex-Mex and Americana are on the menu. The original diner in Greenpoint opened its doors in 1945, and it’s recently undergone a renovation thanks to a new owner.

While a variety of new flavors are popping up on the menu, there are some diner classics that will never leave. Take their pancakes, for example. The humble stack of fluffy pancakes are topped in fresh berries and served with maple syrup.

They’re simple, delicious, and made from a timeless recipe that locals have been ordering for decades.

If you’re looking for one of the best kid friendly restaurants in NYC, check out the Three Decker Diner on your next trip to Brooklyn.

WHERE: 695 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 | WHO: 718-389-6664


10 | Good Enough to Eat | Where do locals eat in NYC? If they’re on the Upper West Side, you can bet you’ll find them at Good Enough to Eat.

This old-school restaurant commits itself to serving the best American comfort food in the city, and their pancakes are proof of that.

There are six renditions of their famous pancakes to choose from, like Lumberjack flapjacks served with bacon and scrambled eggs, and three classic Good Enough to Eat pancakes made from oats, cornmeal, wheat flour, and white flour.

Their seasonal fruit pancakes combine the freshest fruit of the season on top of their original recipe; and the six silver dollar pancakes are great for those that like their breakfast bite-sized.

Every plate is served up hot with a side of the restaurant’s famous strawberry butter and maple syrup.

WHERE: 520 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024 | WHO: 212-496-0163


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No matter where your heart or taste buds lead you, you’re bound to find new favorites as you explore the top eateries in The City that Never Sleeps. For more itinerary inspiration for your time in NYC, check out the Westgate Resorts Travel Blog!


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