Terms & Conditions

Effective as of June 3, 2024, Central Florida Investments, Inc., as a parent company of Westgate Resorts, Inc. together with Arrivia, Inc., d.b.a. Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection operates under the terms and conditions as set out below unless otherwise expressly stated.

1. Eligibility

Membership with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection is free and available to any individual who purchases a Westgate Resorts timeshare property through Westgate Resorts, Inc. and its affiliates/subsidiaries as set forth below.

2. Participation and Agreement

The term of the membership begins once an individual purchases a timeshare directly through Westgate Resorts, Inc. or its affiliates/subsidiaries (“Westgate Resorts”). Their benefits begin after their membership has been processed with Westgate Cruise & Travel, approximately 90 days after the full timeshare down payment has been received by Westgate Resorts.

Memberships do not expire and are perpetual as long as the timeshare Owner is in “Good Standing”. Good Standing exists if all of the following apply: (a) the timeshare Owner purchased their timeshare directly from Westgate Resorts, itself, and not from any third party, (b) the Owner is in compliance with all applicable timeshare agreement terms, and (c) the Owner is not delinquent on any payments to Westgate Resorts or their Home Owners Association for 60 or more days. If multiple accounts are owned, they must be current on all accounts. If they become delinquent on one, they are ineligible for the Membership. When the timeshare account becomes current again, the Membership will be reinstated and returned as it was prior to delinquency.

3. General Conditions

The Cruise Exchange Program with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection is subject to these Program Rules and are subject to change in the future per the general terms of the WOW Loyalty Program.

4. Rules

Timeshare Owners can exchange their timeshare week(s) for World of Westgate (WOW) Experience Points and then use that points currency for a partial or full payment towards a cruise with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection. Points are awarded based on calculating 80% of the Owner’s Maintenance Fee with a cash value of .008 per point. No points will be awarded for fees paid toward reserves or taxes. For example, If an Owner’s Maintenance Fee is $1,000 for the year, if they are in good standing and pay their Maintenance Fee, they may exchange their week(s) for 100,000 WOW Experience Points that may be used towards purchasing a cruise vacation. (i.e. .8*$1,000= $800. $800/.008=100,000). Owner must be in good standing on all maintenance and tax and mortgage payments owed. If utilizing a future year’s week, Owner must pay the Estimated Maintenance & Tax payment associated with that year’s usage.

Enrollment in the WOW Loyalty Program as a Silver or Higher Member is required to participate in WOW Experience Points. If Owner is not enrolled, during the process of converting their week(s) for points, they will be auto-enrolled in WOW Loyalty. By participating in the Cruise Exchange Program, Owners agree to the Terms & Conditions of the Westgate Cruise & Travel Program which are separate from these and available here: https://westgatecruiseandtravel.com/term-pages/terms-and-conditions.

Owners must exchange all timeshare week(s) and unit(s) associated with each maintenance fee paid. The entire timeshare week(s) on a single contract (as it shows on their deed) (and how the maintenance fee is paid) must be exchanged. Contracts with multiple units (non-contiguous) cannot be split for exchanging to WOW Experience Points. The Online Account Management website (WestgateOwners.com) will display an approximation of points available to be deposited with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection. WOW Experience Points will be stored at the timeshare contract level. Westgate Resorts reserves the right to terminate this program at any time without notice, however any cruises previously reserved will be honored.

5. Points Usage

When using the WOW Experience Points with Westgate Cruise & Travel, the Owner must apply the full value of their points awarded towards the specific cruise being booked. Any balance of points remaining after payment of the cruise will remain within the Owner’s Westgate Cruise & Travel account and will be available to be used on another cruise booking transaction.

WOW Experience Points deposits are final. WOW Experience Points expire 12 months after deposited from Westgate (to be managed by Westgate Cruise & Travel). Points can be used towards any port fees and taxes. Points are only applicable on cruise bookings through the Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection portal or the Westgate Cruise & Travel Contact Center. It is recommended that Owners review open cruises before exchanging for points.

Deposit Process:

a. Owner explores Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection cruise offerings via the website or contact center that are available for WOW Experience Points Exchange.

b. Owner contacts Westgate to exchange their week and pays a WOW Experience Points Conversion Fee (currently $169, but will be disclosed over the phone prior to any conversion) to convert their timeshare week to WOW Experience Points.

c. Owner authorizes the deposit and WOW Experience Points are deposited from Westgate Resorts into the Owner’s Westgate Cruise & Travel account.

d. The Owner relinquishes use of the week exchanged for the WOW Experience Points.

For the year 2024, if the Owner exchanges their week and deposits the points on or before September 30, 2024, Westgate will provide Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection with a current year’s week. If exchanging on or after October 1, 2024, through December 31, 2024, Westgate will provide Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection with a 2025 timeshare week and the Owner shall be required to pay the Maintenance & Taxes associated with the 2025 week. Thereafter, if an Owner exchanges their week with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection on or before March 31 of the current year, the current year’s timeshare week will be provided to Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection. If an Owner exchanges their week with Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection on or after April 1 of the current year, the following year’s timeshare week will be provided to Westgate Cruise & Travel.

If electing to participate in the Cruise Exchange Program, the Owner will pay a Conversion Fee at the time of the exchange. In addition, if the Owner has not paid the Maintenance Fee associated with the week being exchanged, the Maintenance Fee will also be due upon exchange.

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