15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

Oct 12, 2020

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!
By Chris G.

Tired of working from home? You're not alone! If there's anything this year has showns us, is that that #WFH can quickly turn into #WTF after a short few months of grinding out ZOOM calls in between kids, pets, and endless domestic distractions that threaten your very sanity, and make you question why your ever thought this would be such a good idea in the first place.

Never fear! The anti-WFH list is here!

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15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

1 | The Only Person You Talked To Is The Uber Eats Guy

You are a social animal and while there were people at the office who made you mad (screw you, Sheila), you enjoyed talking with people outside of your spouse and kids. After 6 months, it’s getting depressing that the only person you can talk to each day other than your family is the Uber Eats guy.

WFHOTEL TIP | You can change that with #WFHotel life. You can converse with other shut-ins recently released into the wide-open spaces and pool areas at our beautiful hotels.

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

2 | You Can't Sneak Out For A Smoke Break Without The Wife Noticing

You’re a good person and you love your wife, but you enjoyed that feeling of escape when you could step outside your office and catch a social puff or two. After being trapped in your home for months on end, you need to take a break and break out of your regular routine.

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

3 | No More Friday 10:35 PM “Happy Hour”

Let’s be honest, everyone used to sneak out of the office for an early wet lunch (except Sheila, because no one likes her). Now that you are trapped in your home, the only sneaking you do is to sneak another Oreo on the daily dog walk.

Trick your manager and take some “me time” with a wet lunch whenever you want at luxurious, clean, and legit hotel office for a week!

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

4 | The Baby Screaming In The Background Is The New Hold Music

You know that hold music you used to complain to your I.T. team about? Yeah, now your hold music is your kid crying in the background at the most inconvenient times. Stop driving yourself crazy and get a quiet and clean hotel room to take important calls.

WFHOTEL TIP | Do you have a big report coming up? Do you have to make your end of the month client calls? You already took on more work since working out of the office, why not enjoy those tasks in a hotel room away from your crying kids?

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

5. The Best Scenery is The Daily Walk With The Dog

You took your daily commute to work and the changed scenery for granted, and now that you see the same people and scenery (if I have to take another walk around my block and wave to that weird neighbor one more time...) you realize how boring your life is.

WFHOTEL TIP | Break out of your repetitive routine and climb out of that COVID-19 depression with a new getaway for work. Even if you bring the kids, you won’t have to see the same houses, and who knows- you might get inspired. But at the very least you will get to look at a room other than your office or dining room.

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

6 | A "Sick Day" Is No Longer A Get Away

In middle school, you played hooky, and in the corporate world, you used to take a sick day as an excuse to not go into the office (or talk to Sheila.. She’s the worst) for a quick vacation or some good ol’ day drinking. Now that you are working from home, the options are limited and it’s just not the same rush to play sick and dodge your manager.

WFHOTEL TIP | Instead of actually working all the time at home, you can #WFHotel to have a quick shot something different while getting work done (or at least acting like it) on Teams and Zoom.

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

7 | No More Long Lunches On Friday :(

Only worthless corporate whales work 40 hours a week using jargon in long emails. You are someone who gets your work done efficiently, and you used to celebrate a great week with a long lunch (remember those 3-hour Friday lunches?).

WFHOTEL TIP | Put down that leftover meatloaf (gross) and make every day a 3-hour lunch day! Grab a burger, drink a beer (or a pitcher), and sit by the pool as you answer stupid Teams messages and client emails.


8 | The Only Time You Get Out Of The House Is For Groceries

Is the furthest distance from your house that you get each week is to go to the grocery store for bread and milk? It’s great that you are a responsible adult who remembers to feed your family, but are you remembering to feed your independence?

WFHOTEL TIP | If you choose the #WFHotel life, then you are saying “I’m important and I love my life” because you can be productive while getting away from your boring home.


9 | People? What Is Socializing...

Remember when you had friends at the office to take mid-day shots with, play foosball, and actually laugh with? Yeah, me too… what the hell happened to us? If you are suffering from isolation and COVID sadness, then now is the time to take on the #WFHotel life.

WFHOTEL TIP | Not only can you say “hello” to the bartender and front desk staff, but you may also even strike up a conversation with a fellow recovering shut-in. Just think, by choosing to #WFHotel, you could make a friend, be more productive, and save a life!


10 | Your Dining Room Is Your Office

Do you remember all that time you put into decorating your dining room? Yeah, thats all out the window since working from home all the time as your boxes stack up, and papers spread across your table with a bit of food from your kids eating nearby

WFHOTEL TIP | God did not make men and women to work, play, and sit in a small prison cell. Break out of your boring life and recapture the zest of life that COVID stole from you by booking a clean room away from the monotonous B.S. life that was forced on you.

15 Things We All Hate About Working From Home (#WFH) Now!

11 | The Workday Turns Into 24-Hour Shift

While you used to take on a few extra hours here and there to finish big projects, it seems like working at home has turned your 40-hour week into 24-hour shifts. The time-space continuum has morphed into the Twighlight Zone where you answer emails at 11 P.M.

WFHOTEL TIP | What has happened to you? It’s not all your fault- it’s not natural to have your home as your office. Break the COVID time-space continuum by booking a spacious hotel room with an office, living room, and dining room. Plus, your kick-ass room will have access to the pool and other amenities that make life worth living again.

12 | Instagram Is Sick Of Your Office Shots

Have you noticed that your Instagram followers are slipping away? Instead of watching your numbers dwindle away, you should reclaim your social influencer status by having new scenery and exciting updates from your hotel.

WFHOTEL TIP | Who knows, you could be crowned the new local Kim Kardashian of corporate workers because of all the exciting adventures you can do at the hotel like sun tanning, weight lifting, and tennis!


13 | Your Corona Gut Is getting out of control

Remember the days of going to the gym 4 or 5 days a week? Do you remember how powerful and in-control you felt after a great workout? Yeah, now the most excitement you have since avoided the gym (and public gatherings) is eating another Big Mac and watching your waistline hit new sizes not imagined before.

WFHOTEL TIP | You can kickstart your health and reclaim your life with the #WFHotel life. Our hotels have a clean and complete weight room with cardio machines for you to get back on the routine that will get you back on track even when you return to your house!


14 | Your Kids Keep Climbing On Your Leg As You Try To Finish Emails

Your kids are bouncing around the house like wild kangaroos. You can’t get anything done, in fact, you can’t even focus enough to take a nap!

WFHOTEL TIP | Keep the phone and meeting notifications on, so you can 'quick react' to pop up neediness, but just lay down (insert Jim Gaffigan meme). Heck, we'll even have an energy drink sent up to your room for those Oh Crap! moments, when you realize that report is due, and you've been napping too long.


15 | Your Home Is The Black Hole Of Inspiration

Hey, it's been proven that pleasurable work environments help focus by up to 672%. We made that stat up. But seriously, there are benefits to digital detox when putting down the computer and changing your environment.

Last Thoughts On #WFH Versus #WFHOTEL

Hopefully, you’re not contemplating committing email bankruptcy (yeah, Google it, it’s a thing) across a scorched earth inbox apocalypse, but if you are (or even if you’re not), we’d like to take a moment to remind you that it doesn’t have to be all ZOOM n’ GLOOM. Change it up. Book a #WFHOTEL today and explore the benefits of the #WFHotel life that you have been missing out on!


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