25 Travel Influencers To Reignite Your Passion for Travel (2024 Edition)

Dec 14, 2023

25 Travel Influencers To Reignite Your Passion for Travel (2020 Edition)
By Rachel Lapointe

Top 25 Influencers That Will Reignite Your Passion for Travel (2024 Edition)

These days, influencers can easily accumulate their following by going viral, seemingly overnight! But when it comes to the travel industry, it’s a slow and steady climb to the top. The best travel influencers have years of experience, authentic personalities, and captivating stories to share with their audience. The influencers you allow into your life should add value to your every day and motivate you to accomplish your goals. Choose the travel influencers you follow like you choose your friends ⁠— they should inspire you to be and do better, and to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

The Top 25 U.S. Travel Influencers to Follow Around the Country!

Here are the top 25 influencers that will reignite your passion for travel!

1 | Kate McCulley (Adventurous Kate) | Kate’s nearly 100,000 followers love her for her authenticity and genuine passion for adventure! When she was 26 she quit her job to explore Asia for 6 months. Nearly a decade later, Kate has visited all 7 continents and established herself as a Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencer.

2 | Kiersten Rich (The Blonde Abroad) | This California-based traveler has showcased her signature blonde locks at bucket-list landmarks all around the globe. Her travel diaries have a warm, effortless feel that inspires wanderlust in all who follow along with her adventures.

3 | Jennelle Eliana | Get ready to be transported to the summer of ’69! Jennelle lives out of and travels the United States in her converted Toyota Hiace van. It’s insanely well-decorated and cozy with vintage vibes. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel to receive expert tips on how to live your best van life!

4 | Brian Kelly | A true travel professional, Brian is the founder and CEO of @ThePointsGuy ⁠— an account dedicated to sharing tips and tricks on how to use points and reward systems to travel the world and earn free flights! In between the top-notch advice, Brian sprinkles in humor and personal touches that make him one of the best in the biz.

5 | Oneika Raymond | Oneika is all about using travel to empower, educate & explore. As a host on various travel channels, she uses her platform to discuss topics related to motherhood, life and travel, including social justice issues, cultural differences,and beauty norms. Plus, she always makes sure to provide must-do lists, tips and tricks for each place she visits.

6 | Jen Vieira | Looking for some fashion-inspo before a big trip? Jen makes looking incredibly chic and fashionable while traveling look easy. This Orlando-based blogger has visited some unique places across the US and abroad and offers stunning photo presets to help you edit all of your vacay pics!

7 | Jessie on a Journey | Join Jessie on her journey of empowering curious solo female travelers to go beyond their guidebooks for more meaningful and fulfilling travel experiences! Though she recently got married to her forever travel buddy, Jessie wants women to know that you don’t have to wait for a partner (or an overflowing bank account) to see the world.

8 | Chris Burkard | A talented photographer, Chris captures landscapes in a unique and captivating way that is sure to make you want to book a flight and see the world through a new lens. If you’re inspired by the vast and immense beauty of our planet ⁠— Chris is just the guy you need to follow.

9 | Kara and Nate |This Tennessee-based power couple doesn't actually spend much time in Tennessee ⁠— they’ve been traveling full-time for the last 4 years and have stepped foot in over 100 countries! Never a duo to shy away from adventure, Kara and Nate have taken their followers to some pretty incredible destinations, from a campsite in Antarctica to the edge of an active volcano!

10 | Christine Wheeler (Live Love Run Travel) | Most of her travel shots are washed in dreamy hues of pink and lilac, and they focus more on the beauty of the destination than on Christine herself ⁠— meaning her back faces the camera in most shots. If you’re a sucker for a beautiful sunset, Christine is your girl!

11 | Jones Family Travels | If you need some inspiration for your family’s next adventure, the Jones family travels over 200 days of the year— er, when we’re not in a pandemic of course. Tim and Allison are passionate about sharing their story with others, including how they chose to quit their 9-to-5 jobs to homeschool their kids and travel for a living!

12 | Chelsea Watson (Styled By Magic) | From Orlando to Anaheim to Tokyo— Chelsea from Styled by Magic is your ultimate source for all things Disney and glamour! A self-proclaimed red lipstick connoisseur, Chelsea doesn’t know a casual day at the parks. And, lucky for us, she never runs out of magical outfit ideas!

13 | Zach Honig | If you have dreams to travel first class, follow Zach for the motivation and knowledge you’ll need to make it happen! Zach is a private plane and drone pilot offering insider tips on how to best get to your destination to his 118,000 followers. After all, it’s about the journey right?!

14 | Foreign Fresh Fierce | If you close your eyes and envision lush landscapes and turquoise waters then Cindy’s profile is the stuff of your dreams! Her bright, vibrant sense of fashion, coupled with the beautiful destinations she visits, is sure to add a pop of color to your feed that will make you stop mid-scroll.

15 | Aubrie Bell (Globetrotting Ginger Travel) | Aubrie’s fiery red hair and adventurous spirit shine through each of her photos! Whenever she visits a new place, she makes sure to update her blog with sample itineraries and detailed must-do lists that will have you eager to start planning your next getaway.

16 | Y-Travel Blog | With 22 years of global travel under their belt, Caroline and Craig Makepeace are proof that travel doesn’t stop after kids. The Makepeace family is known for discovering new ways to travel and share these insider tips at conferences and events! If that’s not inspiring enough, they were even invited to the White House to attend a travel summit for top digital travel influencers in the world!

17 | Follow the Nap | Follow the Nap has been featured in Time, Vanity Fair, Glamour, and the New York Times— and it’s clear to see why! Alex expertly showcases some of the most luxurious beds from resorts around the world without ever even opening his eyes! Give him a follow if you can see yourself waking up from a nap like this…

18 | Amy Seder | If you’re looking to add some seaside destinations to your travel bucket list, you need to follow Amy Sedar. Based in California, Amy has visited some of the most beautiful beaches in the world from Fiji to Jamaica ⁠— and she’s taking you along for the ride.

19 | Eric Stoen (Family Travel) | Eric often captures the joys of exploration through the eyes of his children...he has visited 97 countries total and 67 with his two young ones! Most parents want to give their children the world, Eric takes it to the extreme.

20 | The LA Couple | Callie and Leo offer more than just travel inspiration, often opting to share their advice on life and love! Sprinkled in between shots of luxurious accommodations and breathtaking views is an authentic love story that has captivated their nearly 92,000 followers.

21 | Jake Matthews | Jake has a talent for capturing the human spirit with his photography. He deviates from the typical influencer route of posting popular tourist destinations and hotel rooms. Instead, focuses on the cultures he experiences and the people he meets throughout his travels.

22 | Passport and Grub | Tomiko, the influencer behind Passport and Grub, aims to shift the culture of diversity within the travel industry, all while sharing her favorite drinks, desserts and dishes from her travels. She’s sure to inspire a hunger in you— it’s a good thing calories don’t count on vacation!

23 | Have Diapers Will Travel | Nervous about traveling with your toddlers? Winter Garden travel blogger, Kate, has perfected the art of traveling with little ones, and loves to share their global adventures through the perspective of her two boys. Kate has proven that traveling with children doesn’t need to be scary and can be a lot of fun!

24 | 27 Travels | LGBTQ+ travel couple, Gabi and Shanna, spread love across the globe by combining their passion for pride and traveling! Through their inclusive message and rainbow filled posts, they prove that love, and traveling, truly has no bounds!

25 | Scott Eddy | Scott Eddy defines himself as a “visual storyteller.” As a host for LifeTime TV, Scott Eddy has stayed at some of the best hotels in the world and he shares a great mix of affordable, mid-range, and luxury accommodations. Check out his stunning drone shots!

Final Words for Travel Inspiration

How lucky are we to live in a world where life-changing inspiration is available right at our fingertips?! Use your screen time wisely and learn from the wealth of expertise that these 25 influencers have compiled through many years (and miles) of travel. Remember that many influencers today offer their knowledge in many forms, not just Instagram! Check to see if they have corresponding YouTube channels or blogs for more in-depth information on their travels.


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