Types of Westgate Vacation Ownerships

Apr 09, 2018

Types of Westgate Vacation Ownerships | Westgate Vacation Ownership | Westgate Timeshare
By N. Huggins

There is scientific proof that vacations make people happier - so it is reasonable to conclude that the more vacations you take, the happier you are likely to be! If you are looking for consistent and momentous vacations that come with the predictability of knowing when, where and how long your getaway will be each year, Vacation Ownership is the answer.

Westgate Resorts offers three Vacation Ownership options; Fixed, Float and Event. Each ultimately carves out a vacation experience which can be booked based on the year owned.

Fixed Ownership: Fixed Owners are deeded a specific week each year. This is a standing reservation for a specific unit at a certain resort. For example, John may own a studio at the Westgate Town Center. As an Owner, he is always entitled to use this unit at the resort based on usage year. To use his week, he should review check-in/check-out dates online then confirm or call a Vacation Specialist.

Float Ownership: Float Owners enjoy the flexibility of using their week at any time of the year based on availability. This means that though they are deeded a week and unit each year or every other year, usage will vary by time used and unit. For example, if Mary Kay owns a 2-bedroom unit at the Westgate Vacation Villas, she would be able to reserve a 2-bedroom unit at the resort for 7-days based on the year that is owned. She would check available dates online then reserve or call a Vacation Specialist to book.

Fixed Event Ownership: The Fixed/Float/Event Ownership option combines the predictability of Fixed Ownership with the flexibility of Float Ownership surrounding specific holidays or events. It is a fantastic option for family get-togethers and reunions which can be planned for a specific time based on usage year. This week is guaranteed at the home resort and as check-in and check-out vary based on when the holiday or event falls, be sure to check online and confirm before making travel plans! If you’d like to reserve a different resort or timeframe it is subject to availability.

In all instances, reservation preference is given to Owners who use a banked week to stay at their home resort. For example, if Mary K tries to reserve a week at a unit in the resort she was deeded, she would enjoy priority over John’s attempt to exchange his week from another resort.

Vacation Owners are also given the opportunity to reserve their time up to 11 months in advance or last minute at 24 hours prior to the desired date. Since reservations are subject to availability, this allowance is a great opportunity to secure the ideal booking.

To learn more about the types of Vacation Ownership options Westgate Resorts offers, please call 800-414-1712 to book a tour.

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