Westgate Resorts Digital Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my certificate code(s)?

  1. To Redeem your Westgate Resorts Digital Certificate, please visit: https://www.westgateresorts.com/certificates/

  2. Select a Westgate Resorts property to search for availability

  3. Select a Check-in and Check-out Date

  4. Enter the Digital Certificate Code (if you have been issued multiple codes, please see #7)

  5. Select a Room Type and click BOOK NOW

  6. Enter Guest Details (name on the issued Certificate must match the reservation)

  7. If applicable, enter additional certificate codes in the “Add Certificate Code” area

  8. In the “Your Stay” summary, any remaining balance showing under “Total” will be owed to the Resort on a valid Credit Card and according to Deposit, Guarantee and Cancelation policy designated.

What if I need help redeeming my Digital Certificate?
For Certificate assistance, please email Certificates@wgresorts.com. Responses will be provided during the normal business hours of Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm EST, excluding holidays.

How long do I have to use my certificate code?
All Digital Certificates have an Automatic Expiration Date of twelve months from issuance, unless otherwise stated, to book and travel. Certificates must be redeemed and the stay must be completed before the Certificates Expiration Date. No extensions or exceptions to the Expiration Date will be made.

What is the cash value of a Digital Certificate?
Digital Certificates have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash. Digital Certificates are valid towards Room Rate only and are not valid for on property amenities, activities, food and beverage, water park, spa services, and/or any extra fees or services. These items are considered as Guest Incidentals and are the sole responsibility of the guest. Digital Certificates are NOT valid for timeshare packages, food and beverage or towards any existing reservations and/or any other package types, room reservations or offers, and is not combinable with any other offers or promotions.

Where can I use my Westgate Resorts Digital Code?
Certificates are redeemable at all Westgate Resorts. Digital Certificates are only available for redemption on the following designated website: https://www.westgateresorts.com/certificates/.

How Do I Use Multiple Digital Codes?
In some cases, you may be issued multiple digital codes to give a full listed value on a digital certificate. Multiple codes may be applied to one reservation in order to obtain the Total Value Amount. For example, if you're issued two digital codes worth $100 each for a total value of $200, then you can apply an additional code in the “Add Certificate Code” area at checkout to get to the full amount.

What if I don't use the full value of a Westgate Resorts Digital Code?
Certificate Codes are “Use it or Lose it”. Any remaining amount from the value redeemed of each Certificate Code is immediately expired and non-redeemable. For example, if a Certificate Code is worth $50 in Total Value Amount, and only $25 is applied towards a reservation, the remaining $25 automatically expires and is non-redeemable.

What if I lose my Westgate Resorts Digital Code?
Each Certificate Code is a unique single use code and will automatically expire once redeemed. Certificate Codes that are lost or stolen cannot and will not be replaced.

Can I Share My Westgate Resorts Digital Code?
Certificate Codes are issued to an individual person and require an individual’s email address. Once issued, a Certificate Code cannot be redeemed in any other person’s name, is non-transferrable, and cannot be sold and/or bartered to any other individual or company or posted on any website. All redemption reservations will be checked and verified by the Certificates team. Any violation of these terms will lead to immediate cancellation of the Certificate Code(s).

Can I use my Digital Certificate to book a Timeshare Package or an Existing Reservation?
Digital Certificates are NOT valid for timeshare packages, or towards any existing reservations and/or any other package types or offers, and is not combinable with any other offers or promotions.

What if I cancel a Reservation I made with my Digital Certificate?
Cancellations according to the program Cancel Policy are allowed and the Certificate Code will become valid to apply towards another reservation within program guidelines. Cancelation must be completed online in order for the Certificate Code to be reusable. No manual cancelations are possible. If the reservation is within the No-Cancel window, the cancelation will be denied and the Certificate Code(s) on that reservation will automatically expire.

What Resort and Destination Fees Apply to Digital Certificates?
Resort Fees and/or Destination Fees are waived for Digital Certificate reservations. However, mandatory state, federal or local taxes, incidental expenses, Wi-Fi fees, Water Park Entry fees, Pet Fees, etc will apply and will be owed directly to the resort.

Can I use my Digital Certificate if I call to book at Westgate Resorts?
Certificates cannot be redeemed on any other website, or applied to any other rate plan or existing reservation, that is not designated for this program. Certificate Codes cannot be manually entered or applied to any reservation by any Team Member or Reservationist of Westgate Resorts.

Where Can I Read the Complete Terms & Conditions?
The complete Terms & Conditions for Westgate Resorts Digital Certificates is available at https://www.westgateresorts.com/certificates/terms-and-conditions/

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