What You Should Know about Timeshare Maintenance Fees

What You Should Know about Timeshare Maintenance Fees | Timeshare Maintenance Fees | Westgate Timeshare

Understanding Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Making vacation ownership easy, fun and accessible for all of our timeshare owners is our number one priority here at Westgate Resorts. At Westgate's Legacy program, we execute that priority into reality by enabling our owners with world-class educational and ownership resources, including up-to-date and relevant information on the latest timeshare resale companies under investigation, timeshare donation scams, and timeshare reseller complaints being talked about today. But our mission to educate and empower also supports our owners in a much more tangible way when it comes to helping them understand more about their timeshare ownership, fee structures and how to functionally get the most out of their investment. And with so many options to choose from at our resorts, it's no wonder that our commitment to your travel and vacation experience is a big part of our mission, when it comes to employing, resourcing and generally supporting both the infrastructure and team necessary in order to make your getaway dreams come true. To that end, many owners are actually unaware that it isn't just by chance, that these experiences come to life - rather, they become a reality through the vehicle of maintenance fees,... so for those of you who may have wondered sometimes how maintenance fees help your dream vacations become a reality, take a look below!

The following breakdown helps to illustrate how a typical timeshare maintenance fee may be utlized to cover the different cost centers at a typical resort. Check out this breakdown of some of the the areas that a typical maintenance fee might go to cover:

Property Administration: A portion of the typical timeshare maintenance fee goes towards the cost of the Accounting, Information Technology Services, Reservations (providing the service and availability to make reservations and to provide customer care for owners), Purchasing (assuring our resorts are paying the lowest prices available for goods and services), and Human Resources (hiring employees and the administrative costs associated with these resources).

Maintenance: IT should come as no surprise that maintenance fees do (in fact) help to cover the actual maintenance,... that is, the Housekeeping, Laundry and Repairs necessary to bring these amazinf destinations to life, and make sure that everything in working order, stays in working order. The portion of fees used in this area may pay for the wages and benefits for the employees working in this field, as well as physical or other supplies needed to complete their duties.

Utilities: It goes without saying that keeping the lights on and the water running through the pipes at a resort is a critical component of any functioning vacation destinations, so that being said, these type of costs may include trash and waste removal services, gas, electricity, water, telephone, and cable services,... to name a few.

Insurance: As boring as it sounds, it's important that a resort destination place the well being of its guests and employees ahead of everything else, and that's where insurance comes in. Fees may be used to pay for the premiums for a particular property and/or liability insurance coverages required by governing and/or applicable statutes. This is just one more way, a well-resourced, professionally operated resort takes care of its guests and ensures the safety and security of the vacation environment.

Security: This portion of a maintenance fee may go to cover the wages, benefits and associated costs for staff and supplies needed to complete tasks in the area of security and saftey at a resort. Again, making sure a guest experience is supported by the highest level of safety is a primary concern for all responsible resort operators.

Other Expenses: Ultimately, there are a host of other ancillary services and benefits that every good resort seeks to provide its destination-goers. Some of a typical timeshare maintenance fee covers many or all of these various resort-based services such as Activities, Front Desk, PBX and internal telephony services, Grounds & Landscaping, Dispatch, Transportation, Quality Assurance Housekeeping, Inventory Services, and other Guest Services. A typical fee may be used to pay the wages, benefits and supplies for the staff in these areas in order to allow them to provide the services you have come to expect from a world-class resort destination.

The Westgate Legacy Program Is Here to Help

If you’re a timeshareowner with us, and you feel like you might not be getting the full benefit of your vacation ownership, reach out to us first. Westgate is here to make sure that all of owners have a thorough understanding of how vacation ownership works, and how best to the get the most out of your specific vacation experience. We never stop educating and providing learning resources for our owners - that's our commitment to you, and it's just one more way that Westgate is here to help. Also, just remember that Westgate never works with third-party timeshare reseller, timeshare donation or timeshare exit companies, so don't believe anyone who calls you up and tells you that they're working with Westgate to try and sell or get rid of your timeshare! If you think you may be dealing with a timeshare exit scam company of this nature, or you're considering exiting your timeshare for any reason, the Westgate Legacy Program should be your first call, so we can help support you with a strategy that make sense for your specific vacation ownership life-cycle.

For additional info regarding The Legacy Program, please email us at Legacy@wgresorts.com. If you would prefer to contact us over the phone, please call 800-351-0461, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

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