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Looking to Exit or Resell? Don’t Fall Victim To Timeshare Exit Scams.

These days, it is more important than ever to be aware of fraudulent activity, which takes place in almost any marketplace, including timeshare resale. At Westgate Resorts, we believe it is crucial to protect our Owners from these fraudulent gimmicks and illegitimate actions. Although timeshare companies, federal and state government officials are working together to protect consumers and their timeshare products, timeshare Owners can also be proactive by taking a few simple precautions.


Westgate - Beware of Time Share Exit Scams

How to Detect Fraudulent Activity:

  • Beware of any company that charges any upfront fees based upon a promise to help you terminate your timeshare contract. If you are under a legally binding agreement there is no way an exit company can do this without you suffering adverse financial impact, including damage to your credit. The last thing you want to do is pay an exit company substantial upfront fees only to then default on a binding legal agreement.

  • Beware of any company who suggests that you default on a legally binding agreement as an exit strategy. This may also have a severe and adverse financial impact.

  • Beware of companies that demand to be kept secret and insist that you conceal their existence. If a company is honest and has a legitimate service to offer then there is absolutely no reason to hide their involvement or identity. Do a google or background search of the owners of the company.

  • Beware of companies run by people who have bankruptcies, unpaid judgements, tax liens and other failed businesses.

  • Beware of companies that ask you to lie to the timeshare company or companies that offer to masquerade as you talking to the timeshare company.

  • Beware of companies that ask for your online account log-in credentials.

  • Beware of any company that guarantees to sell a timeshare property within a certain amount of time, or promises to modify or cancel timeshare contractual obligations.

  • Beware of any calls or mailings that offer to transfer paid-off ownership to another party.

  • Make sure to carefully review all contracts and documents regarding the sale of the timeshare. Consider having an attorney review the documents before signing anything.

  • Research. It is crucial to investigate any timeshare resale company before using its services. Extensive research will help in determining whether or not the resale company is legitimate.

  • The best way to deal with the return of a timeshare is to contact your developer directly, as most major developers will work directly with owners to help solve their issue and accomplish a return.

Westgate created a program - The Legacy Program by Westgate - to assist Owners in understanding available options for transitioning away from vacation ownership. It is our goal to provide safe and secure exit options for all qualifying accounts. The Legacy Program offers Westgate Resorts Owners the ONLY Developer-guaranteed release option.

For additional information regarding The Legacy Program, please call 800-351-0461, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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