Understanding Your Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare Ownership Tutorials

Looking to understand your vacation ownership better so you can maximize your experience and take full advantage of everything Westgate Resorts has to offer? you're not alone! Thousands of owners just like you are living their travel dreams right along side you, and to that end, we've created a handy video series that helps to answer some of the most common questions owners like you have from day-to-day. Check out each section below more information on the area of vacation ownership you're wondering about the most.

Ownership Tutorial: Introduction to Being an Owner

New to being a timeshare owner? This video will help walk you through just about every facet of becoming an owner from the ground up. If you're just getting into vacation ownership, or maybe you just need a refresher course, this is a solid place to start!

Ownership Tutorial: Types of Ownership

Understanding your vacation ownership can sometime come down to learning more about the type of ownership product you're enjoying. With so many options, it can sometimes be a little bit confusing, so we've made it easy to follow. Check out this video when it comes to types of ownership!

Ownership Tutorial: Booking Your Week

When it all comes down to it, it's all about booking that vacation! Get a leg up with this super-informative walk-through on the best way to go about booking your week, and how it all works to come together and make your getaway dreams a reality.

Ownership Tutorial: Exchanging Your Time

A key aspect of vacation ownership is being able to exchange your time. In this video, you'll learn about how to exchange your time and some of the ins and outs of exchanging weeks with your vacation ownership product. Just play the video above to get started!

Ownership Tutorial: Making an Owner Rental Reservation

Making an owner rental reservation is also a key part of vacation ownership, and you'll definitely want to learn how to do this at some point. Give this fun, easy video a view to get started on learning more about this process.

Interested In Becoming An Owner?

In addition to our amazing portfolio of destinations, Westgate Resorts is always growing to meet the needs and dreams of our owners everywhere. Interested in becoming a Westgate Resorts Owner and enjoying a lifetime of incredible vacation experiences? Call us at 800-414-1712 or Request a Resort Discovery Preview today!

Service Options For Owners

At Westgate Resorts we're all about making memorable vacation dreams come true for all of our timeshare owners. Helping owners in their travel journeys has been our long-time passion, and part of how we do that is through a constant commitment to owner education and empowerment. Are you having a question that you can't seem to find the answer to? Maybe you've had an issue that needs addressing? Before turning to any third party or outside vendor (claiming that they can help you with your timeshare - such as timeshare resale companies, timeshare exit scams, fake travel clubs or timeshare donations), please let us know! The Westgate Legacy Program was built just for you,... to help you and provide you with the information and options you need concerning your vacation ownership life-cycle. For additional info regarding The Legacy Program, please email us at Legacy@wgresorts.com. If you would prefer to contact us over the phone, please call 800-351-0461, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.