How Vacation Ownership Works

You've found a better way to vacation! Vacation Ownership – also known as timeshare – is a form of shared property ownership. Through vacation ownership, you purchase a share - or piece - of a resort, which in turn guarantees regular vacation time at least once every year. Vacation Ownership allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a vacation property without actually having to deal with the expense of fulltime ownership.

Vacation Ownership is time shared in its most basic form. A single timeshare unit is divided into time-based intervals (typically by weeks), which allows you to own the vacation accommodations at a share of the price for just the amount of time you desire. In turn, you are guaranteed the right to use the accommodations each year for your specified amount of time.

Vacation Ownership is ultimately a way to pay for future vacations at today’s prices.

How much is timeshare? A wide variety of price points exist with Vacation Ownership depending on such factors as location, season of use, size of the unit and resort amenities.

You're not limited to only one resort. Your Vacation Ownership features exchange programs that offer a way to trade your annual week for a different resort property or another vacation experience, like a cruise or guided vacation.

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