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4 Ways You Might Not Know About To Adapt Your Timeshare to Your Lifestyle

Making a lifetime of fun-filled vacation ownership a reality for all of our owners here at Westgate Resorts is our calling in life. We know that travel, at its heart, is the fulfillment of dreams (for most), and brings with it the thrill of spontaneity and adventure that we all crave when setting out on a vacation getaway with family and friends!


Ways You Might Not Know To Adapt Your Timeshare to Your Lifestyle

That’s why modern vacation ownership should be able to fit into your lifestyle, and that’s why we’ve developed a handy set of guidelines that can help you adapt your timeshare to your lifestyle, so no matter what your age or situation in life is, you can still benefit from your vacation ownership by taking advantage of opportunities you might not know about- just part of our ongoing mission to educate and supports our owners and make their getaway dreams come true.

Ways To Adapt Your Timeshare - Timeshare And Your Lifestyle

Adapting As You Get Older

For many vacation owners, things change significantly as they begin to age, including their travel schedules, destination desires, and their general usage trends. If you find that your timeshare usage patterns are starting to change bit as you approach your senior years, you’re not alone! For instance, many times when you think about factors that might affect your timeshare usage as you age, you’ll find that they are invariably linked with either health issues (that might reduce leisure travel plans) or concerns that perhaps the unit you own isn’t being used as much. One way Westgate’s Legacy Program can help to solve this is by working with you on potentially passing your timeshare on to a loved one or family member of your choice, so you can still give the gift of vacation travel to someone you care about. If your concerns are of a different nature, we can always discuss the viability of a true exit, should certain eligibility requirements be met.

Ways To Adapt Your Timeshare - Timeshare And Your Lifestyle

Tailored to Affordability

In many cases, the dream of vacation travel can seem out of reach, simply due to financial issues and leaner budgets. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do even before a trip to minimize the financial impact of vacations. For instance, air travel often comprises up to 50% of a vacation’s overall cost! But you can reduce this considerably, simply by using websites such as and planning around flexible departure and arrival dates in order to greatly minimize the cost of airline tickets, often times up to 75% off. And when it comes to actually tailoring the cost of vacation ownership itself, On the timeshare side, Westgate Resorts is often able to work with our owners, when it comes to assessing and making provisions for financial changes that affect usability. For instance, our Legacy Program, can perform an account discovery process to see whether or not your timeshare mortgage is fully paid off, and if so what options might be available for families dealing with affordability scenarios, perhaps due to a shrinking core family (maybe you don’t need that large 4 bedroom unit as children grow up and move away), versus a unit that makes more sense for your current travel lifestyle. Whatever the challenge, make us your first call so we can work through it with you and find a way forward!

Ways To Adapt Your Timeshare - Timeshare And Your Lifestyle

What to Do When You Get Sick

Many times, periodic illnesses can impact travel planning or even the ability to commit to travel or vacations plans, long term. In many situations, it can be prudent to purchase trip insurance prior to booking your flight, which typically covers most instances of short term illness, especially during cold and flu season (make sure to check your individual trip insurance terms and conditions to be sure). If you’re experiencing a chronic condition, or perhaps a more serious, long-term health event (hospitalization or disease related, etc.), then there are options that can help you adapt your vacation ownership to your new health situation, such as exploring additional, enhanced deed transfer options, possible unit downgrades and sometimes, even full exit solutions if needed.

Ways To Adapt Your Timeshare - Timeshare And Your Lifestyle

Hardship Factors & Flexibility

Sometimes, even the best life plans fall victim to circumstances outside of our control, and when things get tough, travel and lifestyle goals are usually the first things to be cut from the agenda. At Westgate Resorts we know how hard it can be to balance family, career, budget, and travel all at the same time while going through a crisis. That’s why we developed options that help you even when your hardship might not be a ‘cut-and-dry’ situation. For example, many of our owners deal with international economic issues that can affect their ownership is tangible ways. Likewise, we’ve worked with many victims of hurricanes and natural disasters in order to find a way for their ownership to re-align with a new lifestyle or set of fiscal requirements after such an event. The bottom line is this, at Westgate Legacy we care about making your ownership work for you!

Ways To Adapt Your Timeshare - Timeshare And Your Lifestyle

The Westgate Legacy Program Is Here to Help

If you’re a timeshare owner with us, and you feel like you might not be getting the full benefit of your vacation ownership, reach out to us first. Westgate is here to make sure that all of owners have a thorough understanding of how vacation ownership works, and how best to the get the most out of your specific vacation experience. We never stop educating and providing learning resources for our owners - that's our commitment to you, and it's just one more way that Westgate is here to help. Also, just remember that Westgate never works with third-party timeshare resellers, timeshare donation or timeshare exit companies, so don't believe anyone who calls you up and tells you that they're working with Westgate to try and sell or get rid of your timeshare! If you think you may be dealing with a timeshare ripoff company of this nature, or you're considering exiting your timeshare for any reason, the Westgate Legacy Program should be your first call, so we can help support you with a strategy that make sense for your specific vacation ownership life-cycle.

For additional info regarding The Legacy Program, please call 800-351-0461, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

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