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Will Westgate Buy Back Timeshare?

At Westgate Resorts, our lifelong commitment to the enabling the pursuit of vacation ownership is our passion. And while every vacation ownership journey is different, we pride ourselves on understanding that no two owners are alike, and neither are their needs. There may be timeshare ownership considerations that change from time to time, and during the course of your journey, it’s possible that you’ve asked the question, “Will Westgate buy back timeshare?”


Westgate - Will Westgate Buy Back Timeshare?

And though Westgate does not buy back timeshare through any formalized program or procedure that dictates a schedule or listing of financial agreement/negotiation,... options may be open to owners working through The Westgate Legacy Program after certain criteria is identified during an easy, streamlined discovery and eligibility procedure. Through the course of this discovery, some of the criteria gathered will help us properly assess and support the following aspects of the owner experience:

  • End of Lifecycle Scenarios: One valuable aspect is understanding which stage a vacation ownership journey is currently at. Timeshare owners who have enjoyed a lifetime of vacation ownership usage, and whose accounts are in good standing may be eligible for an ‘end of lifecycle’ assessment on their current timeshare product. Our team is able to quickly work towards understanding this potential scenario during the discovery process.

  • Owner Engagement & Usage Aspects: Many owners find that a great majority of pertinent ‘issues’ hinge upon not understanding how to get the most out of their timeshare product and vacation ownership experience. We are able to immediately assist and support owners in these cases with additional resources and help in re-aligning their expectations with a world-class experience.

  • Timeshare Property Usage: The operational and booking history of timeshare unit may factor into a wider set of related circumstances that may be leading an owner to investigate remedial options. Our team is able to get to the bottom of any timeshare usage anomalies and work with owners to make sure their vacation ownership is on par with their expectations of use.

If you’ve recently started researching timeshare buyback programs (with Westgate or otherwise), reach out to us first. Westgate does not work directly with third-party buyers or brokers, so please be cautious of companies claiming to do work with us. The Westgate Legacy Program is here to serve and support you with any vacation ownership issue or question.

For additional info regarding The Legacy Program, contact us over the phone at 800-351-0461, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

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