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When comparing the prices of hotel rates with the price of vacation ownership, the difference is shocking.

In fact, hotel rates continue to rise year after year. For example, if a family of 5 vacations for 7 days renting two hotel rooms aspects to consider include an average hotel nightly rate of $150, average lodging taxes of 13%, an inflation rate of 3%, and 3 daily meals for 5 people that costs around $150. The total cost for 25 years of future vacations would be approximately $84,000 with no equity. On the other hand, the average cost of vacation ownership is $15,000 with an average annual maintenance of $600. A family of 4-6 can enjoy 25 years of future vacations at a total cost of $30,000 - including growing equity in a real estate property, as well as a deed and title that you can will, sell or rent.

As you can see, Vacation ownership proves to be a much better value. With vacation ownership, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy incredible savings while on vacation!

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